Crocs. Why, why, WHY????

Alright, I’m breaking from Lost recaps, because I do have other things to say. I know that there are people out there who love their Crocs, but I have issues with them.

To me, and this is just my layman’s opinion here, these have got to be some of the most awful shoes created. I want to know why they were made. Okay, I know, they were originally gardening shoes. I know. So why do we see them wandering around the streets? Gardening shoes, I can understand. Pool shoes, I’ll be lenient. But when you wear them on tv for an interview (*cough*, favorite quarterback, *cough*), I contemplate offering my services of becoming a wardrobe consultant and BURNING your Crocs. Yes, that’s how much I hate them, but I’ll spare you the full burn thing.

See, here it is, in my own personal opinion, they make your feet look like clown feet, square clown feet at that. And now we have them in all these colors. One website tells the (quite hilarious) story of how a guys bright green Crocs gave him away for a hit and run accident. You want to read it, go to http://ihatecrocs.blogspot.com. They’re even more intense about it then I am.

So all I want to know, is why are they popular? Escalators eat toes of people wearing Crocs, and yet we continue to wear them. It is probably going to terrorize me until they die.

What do you think?



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