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A Horrible Thought

So (posting this from my other blog, http://ellemck1.wordpress.com) I just had this terrible thought. What if, twenty or so years from now, some person out in the movie industry thinks it’s a good idea to remake LOST, but as a movie. With different actors. Anyone else with me on thinking that would be a horrible … Continue reading

New LOST Tonight

And I’m really excited about it. Know why? I’ll give you a hint: It’s an episode on the mysterious Richard Alpert! It’s called Ab Aeterno, which means from the beginning of time in Latin. We might get a few answers about Richard. Where’s he from, how old is he, all that kind of stuff. I … Continue reading

Boom, Bam! I’m Back!

Yeah, yeah, I know… lame title. So the email I have for this blog shut down for a couple of months and I completely blanked on my password, and even though I had it saved on my hardrive, last St. Patrick’s Day my hardrive crashed, so I lost the password. However, email is back up … Continue reading