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House of the Rising Sun- The Rewatch

Okay, finally got my season One back, yay! I’m in a somewhat bad mood today, had a crapdate last night. So if the recap sounds crabby, ya’ll know why. Let’s go- 00:02~ “That’s me, hardcore”- Jack. Pffffft.      00:02.2~ “If you guys are done verbally copulating…”- Charlie. One of his few good lines. 00:03~ So Sun … Continue reading

White Rabbit- The Rewatch

So I watched this a few days ago, and I’ve been letting it simmer, wanting to do it the right way, as it is one of the best episodes of Lost. That and I’ve been super busy again. I’ll warn you, I’m in a bit of a bad mood. Notre Dame just got a severe … Continue reading

Walkabout- The Rewatch

I’m beyond excited about this one. Walkabout has got to be one of my top episodes.  Yes, it’s taken a while to get it up, but I’ve basically been runninig around like a chicken with its head cut off for the past two weeks (homage to kat from thelostdiary, used that phrase after the finale)! … Continue reading

Tabula Rasa- The Rewatch

Okay, here’s this episode. We get to see Kate. Kate has a way of annoying me, sometimes. But at other times, she’s pretty good. But there are some really good lines in here. Alright, let’s get this show on the road! 00:01~ “Don’t trust her, she’s dangerous. You have to find her. Have to bring … Continue reading

Pilot, Part 2- The Rewatch

I’m pretty excited. I just pre-ordered Season 4 on DVD. Yes, I know a little early and all, but hey, it’s only one of the best seasons of the best shows. Okay, let’s go. Pilot, Part 2. 00:00~ “Pardon me for appearing desperate.” – Charlie. No, no Charlie, just annoying. It’s funny. I was watching … Continue reading

Pilot, Part 1- the Rewatch

Alright, so here’s my first recap. I figured since it’s the off-season, I’d start at the beginning of the show, lay the groundwork for when we get to Season 5. In winter! It seems far off now, but it will be here before you know it. And in the meantime, I have football that I … Continue reading