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LOST Unanswered Questions: After the Finale

So a few months ago I posted this list I found with the unanswered questions. Here is the final version from me… not a complete version, but one with all the answers I could find. If you have other answers, let me know in the comments! And here’s where the list comes from: http://everyjoe.com/entertainment/the-ultimate-list-of-unanswered-questions/. So … Continue reading

The End

Yes, I know. The amount of time it took to get to this! But we’re here. And a happy 2011 to all. Even if it is LOST-less. So, without further ado, here it finally is, the series finale of the most beloved show in my world, LOST. THE END: So we start with a montage … Continue reading

I know!!!

I STILL haven’t gotten up the finale post… I think that it’s just as long as I don’t get it up, LOST won’t be over. I really miss LOST. There’s nothing good on tv like LOST was. I will get it up… and then I will start the Rewatch… everything is just crazy.

Happy Anniversary LOST!!

I remember what I was doing six years ago last night. I was celebrating my 15th birthday. I had seen a commercial for a new show on ABC about 48 people surviving a plane crash on an Island. And I wanted to watch it, thinking it looked interesting. Since it was my birthday, I was … Continue reading

I got Season 6!!!

I have it! It is in my possession! LOST is with me. I have all six seasons of LOST now. The little tying up loose ends video in the special features gives a few more answers. And once I finish my final test for wedding and event planning, I’ll be getting the finale post up, … Continue reading

Here’s the thing.

Okay, so I have had no time this summer to work on the LOST Finale post, so I’m just going to wait until I get Season 6 on DVD and rewatch the episodes again, and then post from there. And then we’ll start on the Rewatch from Season 1! Sorry! This summer has been freaking … Continue reading


Okay, I know, I’ve been incredibly radio silence since the finale… I’ve just been tired/busy/and maybe mourning the loss of LOST recently… really, I’m gonna get back to posting soon. Promise.

Finale Post to come soon

So I’ve wanted to get the LOST Finale post up, but I’m still processing and rewatching. I’ll be doing a rewatch tonight/tomorrow, so hopefully it’ll come soon. Sorry, I keep meaning to get it up, and I will soon, promise.

The Candidate, Across the Sea, and What They Died For

Okay, it’s been a while for the recap. Sun and Jin dying just did that much to me. And Sayid. And possibly Lapidus. And jury duty, two exhausting weeks, and a broken BlackBerry didn’t help matters much.  So let’s start it up, and then I’ll be working on the big post for The End. *Sniff*  … Continue reading

Update and a Name.

Updated the Unanswered questions list from last nights answers from LOST. https://lovesteamykeamy.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/lost-unanswered-questions/ Double post to come soon, The Candidate and Across the Sea. And I have a name for our MiB, who has no real name, O Nameless One Original Other, or for short ONOOO(!!!) ONOOO!!! HE DOESN’T HAVE A REAL NAME! Post to come … Continue reading