The shortened version of me. I'm studying Wedding and Event Coordination through U.S. Career Institute. Yay! I get to go to school in my pj's! I'm a Steelers fan, never miss a game, every Sunday, Monday night, Thursday night, or Saturday night. And any playoff game there is, whether or not the Steelers are in it. And of course the Superbowl and maybe the Pro Bowl. At the end of football season, my favorite show comes on, LOST. I never miss an episode, even if it means waiting until it's available online. And I love other tv shows, too. Just not with the same passion I have for LOST. House is great, so is Bones. And I actually like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Two and a Half Men. And I watch Chuck whenever I can. It's a cool show. I read and cook when I'm not watching tv or going to school. And I have this reputation of always wearing high heels (I'm short, what do you expect) and always being on the phone or texting (a lot of my old friends are in school in different places than me, so I keep in touch that way). And that's the nutshell version.
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The Candidate, Across the Sea, and What They Died For

Okay, it’s been a while for the recap. Sun and Jin dying just did that much to me. And Sayid. And possibly Lapidus. And jury duty, two exhausting weeks, and a broken BlackBerry didn’t help matters much.  So let’s start it up, and then I’ll be working on the big post for The End. *Sniff*  … Continue reading

Update and a Name.

Updated the Unanswered questions list from last nights answers from LOST. https://lovesteamykeamy.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/lost-unanswered-questions/ Double post to come soon, The Candidate and Across the Sea. And I have a name for our MiB, who has no real name, O Nameless One Original Other, or for short ONOOO(!!!) ONOOO!!! HE DOESN’T HAVE A REAL NAME! Post to come … Continue reading


So I’m calling for a mourning day, seeing as we just lost three loved characters. Just to let you know, it’s gonna take a while to get the recap for this episode out… I’m kinda destroyed at Jin and Sun. Even if they died together. It’s still a sad, sad, sad moment for LOST. It … Continue reading

LOST – The Last Recruit

There’s been a lot of mixed feelings about this episode. I liked it, I liked what happened in it, the answers that we got and such. It was good to me. Alright, lets go!     So we start out on the Island at Camp FLocke, FLocke and Jack’s camp have started to combine since Camp … Continue reading

Add Another to the Tears List

So Sun and Jin got reunited last night. No it wasn’t a big, dramatic reunion, it was soft, simple, the two of them happy to see each other, and loving each other so much. Neither stopped searching for three years, and while there was no screaming and jumping and all when they found each other, … Continue reading

Happily Ever After and Everybody Loves Hugo

“Dude, you got some… Artz on you.” Continue reading

LOST Unanswered Questions

So over the past six seasons LOST has given us many questions. And so far, not all of them have been answered. I found a list somewhere before this past season started with all the questions that have not been answered from Seasons 1-5, and now every week after LOST, I go over that list … Continue reading


For a moment of real-time blogging or whatever you wanna call it during LOST… OH MY GOD!!! DID YOU SEE THAT BLAST WHEN ILANA BLEW?!?!?! And yeah, I know, long time, no recap. It’s taking a little while. I’ll do a four episode post as soon as I can. Life’s been a little crazy recently.

Ab Aeterno and The Package

So… LOST the past few weeks. Man it has been good. Or at least I thought it was. So good that it’s taken me this long to get the post up. We got to learn about Richard! We got answers! We still don’t freaking know the MiB’s real name! We got to see Keamy! Jin and Sun! … Continue reading

Quickie Post

So last night, the wonderful writers actually gave me what I really wanted to see… or more like who I wanted to see. Any guesses? You can probably figure it out easy. That’s right… more Keamy! Yay! And seeing as he still hasn’t died… he might be back! Okay, back to work on the Ab … Continue reading