Alright, hi people. So, if you look closely at my name, you’ll discover it has a lot to do with the best show in the universe, LOST. In Season 4, we were introduced to, in my own twisted opinion, the hottest guy to ever appear on this show since the untimely death of Boone, Martin Christopher Keamy. Yeah, if you watch it, you’ll know who I mean, and are probably screaming at me, “HE SUCKS!!!!! HE’S HORRIBLE!!!!” But from my viewpoint, he’s smokin’ hot, and I have this natural affinity for the bad boys. Yes, it gets me into trouble from time to time, but it’s who I am.

I was on a site as a commenter, www.thelostdiary.com, but the writer of the blog is MIA. I’ve been trying to find another blog like his, but apparently, Daniel, you have spoiled me. He gives a recap and adds thoughts in at the same time. And he’s pretty funny. So I started to do recaps on the comment board, but I can’t add comments anymore, no one can. My heart has been broken, so to speak, because of his disappearance, and I have decided to do it myself. While I am only a journalism student, and not nearly as good as he is, I’m trying.

I’ve kept the name from his site, in case someone from there who I talked with stumbles on me. It’s me! the lSK who makes buttermilk pie, is at school in Tennessee, is from the D.C. area, goes to the National Spy Museum, and can’t parallel park to save her skinny little neck.

And if Daniel came back, I’d be on there in a minute, I’m just saying.

So, tomorrow, I’ll have a recap up of the Pilot, Part 1. I’m still at work right now, I can’t watch the Pilot right now.

Happy day, ya’ll! 🙂

To Contact LSK:

email: lmack_9@yahoo.com (lmack_9).



One thought on “About

  1. Hiya LSK! Just trying to keep up with as many from the Lost Diary as I can …especially gotta keep up with my fellow lovers of the bad boys. You have my email address now. We regulars need a webring or something.

    Posted by Angel2480 | April 3, 2010, 12:27 am

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