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The End

Yes, I know. The amount of time it took to get to this! But we’re here. And a happy 2011 to all. Even if it is LOST-less. So, without further ado, here it finally is, the series finale of the most beloved show in my world, LOST.


So we start with a montage of both the Alternate Timeline and the Original Island Timeline. Christian Shephard’s coffin has finally arrived at LAX, Jack in his office looking at Locke’s x-rays, Jack washing his face in the Island river, Ben and FLocke at the well, Locke being wheeled into pre-op, James in the police station locker room looking into the mirror he smashed earlier, Sawyer checking Kate’s gunshot wound, Kate in a car at the church, and Desmond heading over to where Christian’s coffin is being delivered.

So in the Alternate Timeline, Desmond walks over to the Oceanic delivery truck, where the courier is delivering the coffin of Christian Shephard. They have a quick conversation about the deceased and relationships. He then walks back over to the car with Kate, who finds it funny that the name of the deceased is Christian Shephard. Yes Kate, it’s hilarious. She asks him why they’re there, and he tells her no one can tell her that; then she asks who he is and what he wants. “My name is Desmond Hume. I’m your friend. And as for what I want, I want to leave.” Kate  just sits there confused and annoyed.

And then we’re over to the Island. Jack is still standing in that river, and Sawyer comes over to check on him. Neither Jack nor Sawyer really knows what went on with Jacob last night, and Jack really doesn’t feel any different. So they go over to A-Team council with Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and Jack. They talk about what they’re going to do, what Jacob wanted. Jacob anted them to go and protect the Heart of the Island (you know, the glowy cave with the light.), Jack thinks the way to protect it might have something to do with Desmond. They’re not totally sure about what Jacob wants, since as Hurley says, “He’s worse than Yoda.” So they decide that Sawyer will head off to find Desmond, and Jack, Kate, and Hurley will head off to the Heart of the Island (hereby known as H.o.I. I’m lazy.) Sawyer tells Kate that he’d invite her along with him, but then she wouldn’t get to sneak after him. She responds with she’s gonna just have to try to resist sneaking along. Awwww, throwback to old times! As Sawyer walks away, Hurley states that he has a bad feeling about all of this. Yeah, I’m right there with ya buddy. And then we see the LOST fly-in for the last *sniff* time *sniff*.

Back over to the Alternate Timeline. Hugo and Sayid are in Hugo’s Hummer headed to a motel. Hugo wants to know if this rings any bells for Sayid. Like in the Season 5 premier. When Sayid took Hurley to his “safe” hotel room and got shot up with a tranq gun. After killing a guy on a dishwasher filled with knives sticking straight up. Sayid doesn’t really remember anything though. Sayid wants to know what will happen if he doesn’t stay with Hugo. Hugo tells him it’s his choice, but he’ll be much happier if he sticks with him. So Hugo picks up his tranq gun and heads to a room at the motel, leaving Sayid in the Hummer. He knocks on the door of the motel room, and who opens it by LSK’s least favorite rocker, Charlie Pace! Who has been doing nothing but drinking and trashing the room. Probably some other stuff too… seeing as this is the guy who swallowed a baggie o’ drugs on the Alt. Flight 815. Hugo just stands there smiling for a minute, since he’s happy to see his Island buddy alive again. He tells Charlie he’s here to pick him up for the show. Charlie tells him it ain’t happening and when he turns his back, Hugo shoots him with the tranq gun. Um, can I have that job Hugo? He picks him up and takes him to the Hummer and throws him in back.

Back over to everybody’s favorite Island! Jack, Kate, and Hurley are heading to H.o.I., and Kate asks why Jack took the job. Jack says that “HE’S GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!” I mean… um, the Island is the only thing he hasn’t screwed up yet. Kate tries to convince him that he can still start over, nothing is permanent. Hurley walks by muttering that the whole exchange between the two of them would be sweet, except he thinks they’re all gonna die.

So on another part of the Island, Sawyer has found FLocke and Ben by the well and is watching them, until Ben and his shotgun find him and invite him to join their little group. Sawyer informs FLocke that he is here to help Desmond out of the well, but it looks like someone beat both of them to that. Sawyer guesses that FLocke needs Desmond for his evil plan to destroy the Island, “and then what Smokie?” Yay! Reference to all of us and our name for the Smoke Monster! He doesn’t really see FLocke as the “Die For The Island” type. FLocke tells him that there ain’t no way that he’s going down with this rock, but intends to sail off into the sunset in his boat. Oh, and Sawyer and all them other Candidates are going to be going down with said rock. Sawyer lets him know that they aren’t Candidates anymore, the job has been filled. And then he puts a beatdown on Ben ONE LAST TIME *sniff*, and heads off. Ben is pissed at FLocke for telling him earlier that he’ll get the Island when FLocke leaves, since FLocke neglected to mention that the Island was gonna be on the bottom of the ocean. FLocke tells him he’s welcome to join him on the boat to sail off. And then announces that he thinks a dog was at the well.

And in yet another part of the Island, we see Vincent! He heads over to where Desmond is sleeping at a camp, and then we see Rose and Bernard!! Yay! They survived the Incident!!! Bernard heads off to check the traps for fish with Vincent, while Rose informs Desmond that while they’re happy to see him, he’s gonna have to eat and run. They have a rule, Don’t Get Involved. They broke the rule to save him, and don’t want to have anything bad happen, or have a nasty run-in with FLocke. And hey speak of the devil, look who pops up with Bernard! FLocke and Ben! FLocke tells Desmond that unless he comes with him, he’s gonna kill Rose and Bernard, and make it hurt. Um, UNCOOL FLocke!!!! Desmond makes a deal with him that as long as he doesn’t hurt them ever, he’ll come with him. FLocke agrees, and off they go, trekking to H.o.I. Desmond doesn’t know where they’re headed, but he assumes there’s a bright light there. As they’re walking, Ben’s walkie squawks, FLocke wants to know what the noise was, and Ben does his best to play it off as nothing, quickly turning off the walkie.

Then we see who made the walkie squawk. Miles! He’s found Richard in the jungle, and alive! They’re going to be heading over to Hydra Island to complete what they started. You know, the whole Blow Up The Plane So FLocke Can’t Escape plan.

Back in the Alternate World, Miles has shown up at the concert at his dad’s museum, and who does he see in the bright yellow Hummer but fugitive Sayid. He calls James and tells him that he spotted Sayid, and made sure by calling County Lockup, who said that Sayid Jarrah never arrived. James gets worried, since there’s still our witnesses of his shooting, Sun Paik and Jin Soo Kwon. You know, from that whole deal with Martin Christopher Keamy. You know, this guy:


He makes good eggs

Sorry. I gotta throw my Keamy in where I can. So Miles and James hang up, and James heads over to the hospital to protect Sun and Jin. Whatever the cost!

And at the hospital, Sun is waking up. Jin sees and is relieved. He tells her that both her and their baby are fine, yay! And they’re going to send over a baby doctor to check on the two of them (Sun and the baby). Gee, I wonder who this doctor will be? It couldn’t be a certain blond who loved Sawyer in another life? The same certain blond who obviously is Jack’s baby mama in this world? And in walks:

Hey look! We all were right. It’s Juliet! Except in this world she’s Dr. Juliet Carlson. She’s there to check the baby, and she’ll speak slowly to the two of them since it’s no English at the moment. So she checks the baby out and all the sudden Sun flashes to the Island! AND SHE REMEMBERS EVERYTHING! AND JIN FLASHES TOO! HE REMEMBERS TOO!!! OMG IT’S THE FREIGHTER! THEIR REUNION!! OMG NO IT’S THE SUBMARINE!! *sniff* They’re all weepy and happy, and hey, they can speak English again. And Juliet tells them that their baby is “perfectly perfect in every way.” Awwwwww. She asks if they want to know if it’s a boy or a girl, but they already know it’s gonna be a girl, and they’re gonna name her Ji-Yeon.

Okay, we’re back to the Island. Sawyer is running like mad through the jungle to get back to the rest of the A-Team and warn them. Warn them that they’re all headed to the same place. And when they meet up, it’s all gonna end.

And right back on over to Alternate Reality-ville. Dr. Jack Shephard is over in pre-op talking with Locke. Jack is confident that this operation will work and Locke will walk again. He tells Locke he’ll see him on the Other Side, and Locke asks if they ever found his father’s coffin. Jack tells him that it’s been found and probably has been delivered by now. Locke hopes it brings him peace, and Jack tells him that fixing him is all the peace he needs.

Okay so back to the Island. Richard and Miles reach the boat at the dock and are getting ready to haul ass to Hydra when Miles makes a discovery. Richard has his first gray hair!! And because of that he’s just discovered that he wants to LIVE! So they take off to Hydra and come upon all that sub wreckage. *sniff* Jin, Sun, and Sayid. *sniff* And then they hear someone shouting from the water. OMG IT’S LAPIDUS!!! HE’S ALIVE! HE DIDN’T DIE IN THE SUB!!! YAY!!! They pull him into their boat and tell him about their plan to blow up the plane and stop FLocke. Lapidus points out that they could just fly the plane off the Island without FLocke. He wouldn’t be able to leave then. And Lapidus is a pilot, ya know. Soooo… looks like they’re leaving the Island!

Meanwhile, back on the Island, Team Jack and Team FLocke meet up and Kate starts shooting at FLocke because he killed Sun, Jin, and Sayid. Yeah… honey, those bullets won’t work on him right now. So Jack and FLocke talk, and they decide that they’re all gonna head off to the H.o.I. together. Jack informs FLocke that the spot he’s heading to is his sworn to protect territory, so he’s gonna kill FLocke, effectively stopping him from destroying the Island. Ever.

So in the Alternate Reality we see Dr. Jack Shephard and Dr. Juliet Carlson meet up with the whole “doctor.” “doctor.” thing. And then Jack passes her the tickets for the concert. And then we find out what we all knew from the first episode of this season. Jack’s baby mama, the mother of David Shephard, is Juliet. And they’re gonna take Claire with them to the concert since Jack can’t go. And as they walk out, James walks in, ready to save Sun.

Back to the Island. They’re all walking to the H.o.I. and Sawyer is asking Jack how he’s gonna kill FLocke. Jack thinks he can use Desmond for that. Then FLocke announces that from this point on it’s only gonna be Desmond, Jack, and him, so off they go, while Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and Ben wait behind. As they leave, Hurley shouts out, “I believe in you dude!” to Jack. Awwww. So they get to the glowing cave aka H.o.I. and Desmond is informed that he’s going to be lowered into that light. Desmond tells Jack that none of what they’re doing matters, because when he goes into the light he’ll go into another world where everyone he loves is there and he’s happy. And Jack is in this world too, and he’s even happy. This thought completely baffles our Jack, who tells him that the Island is the only thing that matters, and there are no shortcuts. So they all head into the cave of light.

So back in the alternate world, we see Hugo and Sayid in the Hummer outside a bar. Sayid is still questioning Hugo, and Hugo is telling him that he knows him better than he thinks, and that Sayid is in fact a good guy. Sayid tells Hugo that he doesn’t know him at all. So we hear some guy getting the crap kicked out of him, and a familiar voice shouting “Leave my brother alone!” before we see a girl getting pushed aside. Sayid is out of the Hummer in a flash, pushing the guy away, getting him off said brother, and heading over to help the girl. Who turns out to be:


And all the sudden they have flashes to the Island and each other. Shannon was Sayid’s constant? Are you freaking kidding me? WHAT ABOUT NADIA?!??!?!?! And then BOONE!!! walks over to Hugo’s Hummer to tell him just how much of a PITA it was to get Shannon over here from Australia. But it definitely was worth it, according to Hugo, to see the happy reunion. Um, speak for yourself there buddy.

So back on the Island Kate and Ben and Hurley and Sawyer are all waiting for Jack to come back. Miles finally gets through to Ben, and informs him to get himself and anyone else over to Hydra, they’re getting off this rock asap. Then Miles and Richard and Lapidus run into Claire on Hydra, who believes they have all come to kill her as to the orders of FLocke. They try to convince her to leave with them, but she refuses.

In the H.o.I. Desmond is prepping to go into the light. As FLocke and Jack lower him, FLocke tries to reminisce on the Season 1 finale and Season 2 premier, where they were all about going into the hatch, and how if there was a button down at the bottom, they could argue about pushing it. This does not go over well with Jack, who informs FLocke that he is nothing like Locke. He disrespects Locke by wearing his face, but he is nothing like him. Yeah Jack! He also wishes he could tell Locke that he was right about everything. Which pisses FLocke off, who tells him that Locke was wrong about everything.

Back in the world of alternates, Juliet, Claire, and David show up at the concert, and Juliet gets paged away fast, so it’s just Claire and David. Backstage, Charlotte wakes up Charlie, asking if he’s with the band. Charlie tries to get all flirty on her and ask her how she knew, and she shuts him down and holds up the sign that was on him. Nice try loser. As Charlie walks away, Charlotte runs into Daniel, Daniel Widmore. Awwwwww, it’s sweet. And so weird that he ALWAYS wears the exact same thing. Back at the seating area, David and Claire make their way to Table 23, where their seatmates are Desmond and Kate. Dr. Chang welcomes everyone to the concert and introduces Daniel and Drive Shaft. They start playing music, and then Charlie spots Claire at her table and stares at her like the creeper he is until Claire decides to start having contractions to get away from the creep. She runs off to the bathroom and Kate decides it might be a good idea to follow… Charlie decides to follow too. Creep.

In the H.o.I., Desmond has reached the bottom, and he steps into the pool where the light is strongest. Electromagnetic energy isn’t working too nice with Desmond this time, he’s in pain as he walks through the pool, and has the nosebleed. But he makes it to the plug and pulls it out, causing the water to drain, the glowing yellow light to go out and be replaced by a dark, dull red light. Not a good sign. And Desmond, who believed this would get him to the other side is still there… man can’t win. Up above, FLocke tells Jack he was wrong and walks out of the cave. Jack follows him and sacks him, punching him and drawing blood.


Guess who can be killed, sucker!

Looks like FLocke was wrong too! And then FLocke knocks Jack out with a rock and runs.

Back in the other world, Claire’s definitely in labor and Kate’s going to be delivering the baby. Okay, I have never given birth, so I don’t know this, but um? She went from one contraction to labor pretty fast… Am I the only one who questions there? Oh well, they need it to be dramatic and all. Out at the concert, Eloise talks to Desmond. She’s a little pissed, because she told Desmond to stay out of all this. And then we see that she’s mostly worried that he’s going to take her son from her. Desmond assures her that while he’s leaving, he’s not going to take Daniel with him. She’s relieved. Back with Claire, it’s getting to that point, and Charlie decides to show up, Kate sends him off for hot water and blankets. Then she gets ready to deliver the baby and all the sudden all of this has given her a flash to the Island. She remembers everything! She flashed on that? Really… um, okay. Just a little weird. And as the little boy is born (reborn?) Claire has  herself a flash too. Charlie comes back with blankets for Aaron, and he has flashes too. Awwww, it’d be a tender moment with any other guy around. Desmond comes over and Kate thanks him for getting her back, helping her. She wants to know what’s next.

Back on the Island, Ben, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley are waiting for Jack to come back and the ground starts shaking. Then all of the sudden a tree starts to fall and Ben pushes Hurley out of the way AND OMG THE TREE FALLS ON BEN!!!!! NOOOOOOOO! GET IT OFF HIM! HE CAN’T DIE!!! BEN CAN’T DIE!!!! SAVE HIM!!!!!! MLJFOISDMKDFNKDSNFFDMKSD!!!!

Jack wakes up and runs into the cave, trying to reach Desmond, but he can’t, so he takes off in another direction, while everyone else tries to get the tree off Ben. SAVE HIM!!!!! Miles radios over and tells them they’re fixing the plane and have an hour to get off the Island, so get over here soon. Sawyer: “Son of a BITCH!” *sniff* I’m gonna miss that line. *sniff* Ben tells him they can get to Hydra by FLocke’s boat. SO GET HIM OUT FROM UNDER THE TREE AND GOOOOOO!!!!

Speaking of FLocke, he’s sneering over his boat in the water, ready to leave, when Jack shows up after him. See, if you’d have gone to said boat instead of grin evilly at it from above, you might have gotten off. But Jack Falcon Punches FLocke. They fight, and OMG FLOCKE STABS JACK!!!!! ARRRRRRGH!! NOOOO! Of course, then he makes that fatal bad guy error by telling Jack he just wanted him to know that he died for nothing. Ahhh, FLocke, doing the classic bad guy stop before the kill thing was stupid. A gunshot rings out, and Kate shouts “I saved you a bullet!” YAY KATE!!!! You did it this time!!!!! Jack kicks him off the cliffs and into the water. And with that FLocke, MiB, Smokey, and any other name you ever called him, is dead. Wow. That’s a moment.

So in the alternate timeline, Locke is being wheeled to his room after the surgery, and the nurse points out that Jack is bleeding from the neck. Right at the spot where FLocke attempted to kill him on the Island. Locke is awake early and Jack is talking with him, telling him they won’t be able to tell anything quite yet, but um, Locke can already feel his legs and wiggle his toes! Yay, the surgery worked. As he wiggles his toes, he has the flashes back to his time on the Island, and Jack has a small flash too, but he just shakes it off. Jack says he has to go see his son, but Locke, who is now fully remembering everything, tells him that he doesn’t have a son. Which kinda ticks Jack off. Before he leaves, Locke tells him, “I hope someone does for you what you just did for me.”

Back on the cliffs at the Island, Kate is helping Jack and worrying about the gash on his side, he tells her he’s fine, “just find me some thread and I’ll count to five.” Awwwww, memories from the Pilot episode. Sawyer, Hurley, and Ben show up (phew, they saved Ben.), and Jack tells them it’s over. Except for the fact that the Island is still shaking and stuff. Still gotta fix what Desmond did in H.o.I.

Back in the other world. James comes in and checks on Sun and Jin, who both tell him that they’re fin and safe. Before they leave the room, they tell James that they’ll see him there. Thoroughly confused and frustrated, James shouts out “See me where?!”

Back to the Island. Or Hydra, in this case. They’re quickly fixing the plane to get them the hell off the Island as fast as possible. The hydraulics are messed up still, so Lapidus hands Miles and Richard duct tape and a page from the manual and tells them to get it fixed. Ben radios to see where they are and get hurrying along. Jack tells them that they need to leave now, while he has to go fix what Desmond did. Ben and Hurley decide to stay with Jack, so they all bid farewell to Sawyer and Kate. *sniff*. And for the first time in ever, a Jate moment makes me get all teary-eyed. They tell each other they love each other and Jack goes back to the cave. Excuse me for a moment while I cry.

Okay, back.

Miles and Richard are racing to fix the plane, Richard asks if it will work, and Miles responds, “I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape.” As the ground gives a violent shake, they get the hydraulics fixed. Sawyer is radioing over and Lapidus tells him that they’re getting off the Island while there’s still ground to get off of, so if they want on, they’re gonna have to hurry. Sawyer and Kate decide that the best thing they can do is jump and swim to the boat, so off they go.

In the hospital over in Alternate Reality, James is leaving the hospital, but decides he’s hungry, so he asks Jack where he can get some food. Jack tells him the cafeteria’s closed, but there are some vending machines nearby, and James responds, “Thanks Doc.” As Jack walks away James has a moment of, “where does this seem familiar from?” While fighting with the vending machine to get his candy bar, Juliet walks in and tells him that unplugging and plugging in the machine tends to work better. He does it and the candy bar, of course an Apollo Bar, drops down. Juliet hands it to him, and as their hands touch, they both have flashes! Juliet says, “We should get coffee sometime. We could go Dutch.” Awwwww, her last lines from LA X as Juliet Burke. *sniff* And it’s just a happy, happy moment. They’re hugging and kissing and crying and it’s sweet!

At the concert, Jack gets there a little too late, and Kate is there to tell him it ended. He’s trying to place where he’s seen her before and she tells him that she stole his pen back in the Season 6 premier on the plane. But that’s not really where he remembers her from. He has more brief flashes, and is a little freaked, while Kate tells him that she’s missed him so much. And since he doesn’t really know what’s going on, coming with her will explain everything.

Back on the Island Jack, Hurley, and Ben have made it back to the cave. Hurley tells Jack that he can’t go down there alone, since Desmond didn’t take it too well, how can Jack, in his beat up state, survive? And then we see it dawn on Hurley… he doesn’t intend to make it out alive. No, no, no, no, no. Hurley starts crying. Doesn’t he know that whenever he cries I cry?!?! Excuse me a minute. . . . Okay, thanks. So Hurley agrees to take over the ruler of the Island job for Jack, but it’s only temporary. Ben hands Jack an old Oceanic Airlines water bottle. He fills it with water and gives it to Hurley to drink, although he forgot the magic words… But apparently now Hurley is like Jack.

As this is going on, over on Hydra Island, Lapidus tries the plane engines again, and this time they work! They’re in business! BUT WAIT FOR SAWYER AND KATE!!!! YOU CAN’T LEAVE THEM! Man, I thought it was sucky to get to my gate at Memphis Airport to see my plane for BWI and home taxing down the runway without me on it… think what it would be like for Sawyer and Kate.

Ben and Hurley are lowering Jack down to where the light once was. He gets down there and over to Desmond, who is still pretty upset that he’s still here and not in the Alternate world. He insists that he should be the one to put the plug back, but Jack tells him that it’s more important to get back to Penny and his son Charlie. So Jack helps Desmond to the rope and tells him he’ll see him in another life, brother. Awwwwww, *sniff*.

Sawyer and Kate finally get to Hydra and run into Claire, and Kate is trying desperately to talk Claire into coming with them. Claire tells Kate she can’t, and when Kate asks why, she shouts, “Look at me!” Awwww, ain’t nothing a shower, a bottle of deep conditioner, and a hairbrush couldn’t fix, honey. She says she doesn’t remember how to be a mother, and Kate promises that she’ll help her raise Aaron. They take off to get to the plane as fast as they can go! They get in front of the plane just before Lapidus starts down the runway that the Others made so long ago. Again, boy, I’ve thought I had close calls at airports… at least there was always the promise of another flight out in a few hours.

Jack is in pain and weak, but he slowly crawls over to the plug, picks it up, and gets it back to where it belongs, which we hope will fix everthing.

Sawyer, Kate, and Claire climb into the plane just in time and them and Richard and Miles sit down in the cabin and buckle up. Lapidus says his prayers and everyone crosses everything they can; eyes, toes, legs, fingers, arms, and Lapidus puts the plane into flight mode… AND THEY MAKE IT OFF THE GROUND!!! SDKJLDSER!!! “Amen” – Frank. Well said sir. Everyone is relieved and looking out the windows for their hopefully last look at the Island.

In the H.o.I., Jack did it right, the yellow warm light is back, and water has started flowing into the pool again. Ben and Hurley realize that Jack did it, so they start to pull on the rope, thinking Jack is at the other end of it. However they pull up Desmond, and while yeah, they’re glad to see Desmond alive, Hurley really wanted to pull up Jack, too.

In the Alternate Timeline at the Church, Locke gets out of a taxi, and the driver gets his wheelchair out for him. He sees Dr. Ben Linus, and the two talk for a moment. Ben apologizes to Locke for killing him, and told him he did it because he was jealous and wanted everything Locke had. He wanted to be special like Locke. Locke tells him he forgives him, which helps Ben out. Locke asks if he’s coming in and Ben tells him he’s going to wait a bit, and points out that Locke probably doesn’t need the wheelchair anymore. Locke gets out of it and walks over to the church doors, bidding Ben farewell.

Back at the H.o.I., Ben, Hurley, and Desmond are out of the cave, and Hurley is slowly coming to terms with the facts, Jack isn’t coming back, the Island is his responsibility now. He tells Ben he’s not sure how to take care of the Island, and Ben tells him that he should just do what he’s best at, taking care of people. He can start by sending Desmond home. Hurley thought rules were no one leaves the Island. Ben tells him that was how Jacob ran things, but he can do them differently. Hurley asks Ben to help him, he’s not sure of what to do, and he could use a Right-Hand Man who knows things about the Island. Ben says he would be honored to help. Yay, Ben is getting some good in his life.

Back at the Church, Hugo pops out to ask Ben if he’s coming in, and tells Ben that he was a great Number Two. Ben thanks him and tells him that he was a great Number One. Kate and Jack pull up to the church and Kate asks if he knows more now. He realizes this is the church where he was going to have his father’s funeral. She tells him that his father’s coffin is around back, and to take his time, they’ll all be waiting for him when he’s ready.

Back at the Island, Jack has somehow gotten out of the cave and is in the same spot that the MiB was after he fell down the cave. He wakes up stumbles off. You know that bad feeling Hurley had earlier? I have an even worse one…

At the church, Jack goes into the back room, which is decorated with many different religious symbols. He sees the coffin, and goes over to it. As he touches it, he has flashes back to the Island. This time he accepts them. When he decides to open the coffin, he finds that it’s empty… just like in Season 1! And then Christian walks in! Jack wants to know how Christian is here, since he died. Christian counters his question with basically the same one, he’s dead too. WHAAAAAA??!?!?!?!? Jack starts crying (awww, some of the last Jears ever.) and he and Christian have a moment. Christian then tells him that he is real, that what happened to him was real, and all the people in the church are real too. They’re all also dead. Some of them died before Jack did, and some of them died long after Jack. They apparently made this church together so they could all find each other. The time that they spent together on the Island was the most important part of all of their lives. Jack needed them and they needed Jack. And it’s time for all of them to move on. Jack heads into the church with Christian.

As he walks in, we have the *sniff* closing montage *sniff* Jack reuniting with everyone from the crash. Sayid, Rose, Bernard, Desmond and Penny, Claire and Charlie and Aaron, Shannon, Sawyer, Juliet, Boone, Hurley, Jin and Sun, Libby, Kate, Ilana, Locke, everyone. Well, except for Michael and Walt. And Mr. Eko. Guess they’re not ready yet either.

And as Alternate Universe Jack greets all these people, Island Jack heads back to the same bamboo grove where he woke up, past the sneaker, and lies down in the same spot where we saw him wake up all those years ago. And as we see Vincent run out of the forest and lie down next to Jack (excuse me while I sob like a baby now. Vincent makes me lose it every time.) and see the Ajira 316 plane fly overhead Jack, Jack closes his eyes for the last time, in exact opposite of the opening scene.

And as Jack dies, we see the Alternate Universe, and we see Christian walking out of the Church into the light.

And with that… for the final time:


Okay, half a second, I’ll be back with a few quick things about the finale. I need to cry first though. I’m not ashamed. LOST hits me right here every time.

. . . .

Okay, back. So we now and forever know that the Island was real and the alternate reality was Purgatory. And for proof, we see scenes of the Oceanic survivors camp on the beach. And did anyone else notice that in Jacks final scene in the bamboo, he seemed to be slightly floating above the ground. Yeah, I didn’t notice that until my mom walked by while I was sobbing like a baby watching it, and she pointed it out to me. And now I’m going to give you a little funny bit from the tvgasm.com recap of the finale.


Your Everyday LOST Fans: So the Sideways World was purgatory! Neat!


Super Crazy LOST Fans: *headdesk*

Yes, I did do the Super Crazy LOST Fans bit with Purgatory. And if I hear a n00b saying they were right and the Island was Purgatory, you bet I’d do a *headdesk* or ten. Here’s a link to the tvgasm recaps.

Well, I miss LOST like crazy. But I’ll be starting the recaps of the whole show soon. Really, I mean it this time. Even if I do have to start with a Charlie Episode.

LOST lives on in my heart!

All pictures found on www.lostpedia.com. I do not own any of these photos, nor am I attempting copyright infringement. They just worked well!



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