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The Candidate, Across the Sea, and What They Died For

Okay, it’s been a while for the recap. Sun and Jin dying just did that much to me. And Sayid. And possibly Lapidus. And jury duty, two exhausting weeks, and a broken BlackBerry didn’t help matters much. 

So let’s start it up, and then I’ll be working on the big post for The End. *Sniff* 

So in The Candidate, we had the Alternate Reality World deal with Locke and Jack. Jack, as you recall, was the surgeon for when Locke was brought to the hospital after Desmond smacked him really hard with his car. Jack has managed to save Locke, and get a look at the damage to his spine that had him in the wheelchair in the first place. Jack thinks Locke is a candidate for a new surgery that can possibly get Locke out of his wheelchair and walking, but throughout the episode, Locke tells him that he doesn’t want the surgery. Jack is hell-bent on trying to get him to have the surgery, and finding out what happened to him that put him in the chair. He visits Locke’s dentist, Dr. Bernard Nadler, who remembers Jack from the plane, saying he flirted with his wife. It was cool to see Bernard, althought I’d prefer to see him alive and well on the Island with Rose. Bernard won’t tell him, but gives him another name in the puzzle, Anthony Cooper. Jack tracks him down to a nursing home, where he runs into Helen, Locke’s fiance. She brings him to Cooper, who is a very different man than he was in the original timeline: 


Kind of sad to see one who was such a con man turned into a vegetative state. 

Back at the hospital, Claire has tracked Jack down. She shows him the music box that their father bequeathed to her, and we see them in the mirror. Jack invites Claire to stay at his apartment, looks like he’s accepting her as his little sister, and won’t have her staying at a motel. What a brother. I guess…  Jack finds Locke as he is checking out of the hospital, passing sideways Jin on the way to Sun room. He tells Locke of his going to see his father. Locke tells him that they were in a plane crash, just days after Locke got his pilots license. His father had always had a fear of flying, but after Locke had convinced him that they would be completely safe, he went up with Locke as his first passenger. They crashed, landing Locke in his wheelchair, and Cooper in his vegetative state. Locke has always felt guilty about it. Jack tries to get him to let go of it, and help him let go of his guilt. Locke refuses the surgery one last time before leaving. And “I wish you had believed me.” is the line from Jack. A line from Locke before his death in Original time. 

In the Original line, Jin, Sun, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Hurley, and Lapidus are all in the cages on Hydra Island with Widmore’s people guarding them. Jin and Sun talk about their baby, Ji-Yeon, and Sun gives Jin his wedding ring back. FLocke, Jack, and Sayid are on another part of Hydra, getting ready to bust the others out of the cages. Smokie attacks the cages, killing Widmore’s people, Jack runs out of the jungle and unlocks the cages for everyone, getting them out. They all run and head off in the direction of the Ajira 316 plane, thinking it’s get off the Island time. Um, guys, here’s the thing, there are still a few episodes left, and they can’t all be about running to the plane verrrry slowly, so I’m gonna go with you ain’t getting off the Island on that plane. At least not tonight. They meet up with Sayid in the jungle, and keep going to the plane. FLocke is already there, and he kills the two guards from Camp Widmore. Then finds the explosives rigged in the plane, and leaves, taking one thing of the C4. Jack and Crew get to the plane and he shows it to them, Jack agrees to help them get on the sub and leave, but he’s staying on the Island. They get there, and have their plan, with FLocke and Jack covering everyone before FLocke gets into the sub. But Sawyer and Jack have a separate plan to keep FLocke from getting onto the sub with everyone else, since they don’t trust him as far as they can throw him. Everyone runs up to the sub to get in, Sawyer getting in first, getting the captain to start the sub up for departure. Kate and her wave of people follow next, and back at the treeline, FLocke gives Jack one of the backpacks. Jack, check the bag, you both have very similar ones, and you think he wouldn’t trick you? I shouted this before I knew what happened. It’s FLocke, after all. They get up to the dock, and FLocke asks him if he’s sure he won’t change his mind and come with them. And who told him he needed to stay on the Island. Jack says John Locke told him, and then pushes FLocke into the water. And then Widmore’s team that’s still alive starts shooting at them all, and hits, yeah, we all guessed it, Kate. Jack runs over to her and gets her down in the sub, with Sayid following down. The only one left on the dock is Claire, and FLocke struggling out of the water, Sawyer sees him heading to the sub, and quickly closes the hatch, getting the captain to DIVE! leaving Claire stranded and pissed. Oh, and FLocke angry as all get out. He grabs Claire and tells her that she really doesn’t want to be on the sub. In the sub, they can’t find the first aid kit for Kate, so Jack opens his pack to find what? The C4 hooked up as a ticking bomb with the watch from one of the guards of the plane FLocke killed. Anyone else see FLocke take his watch after killing him? They all freak out until Jack says that they can’t die, just leave the bomb alone. But of course Sawyer doesn’t believe him and pulls the wires. It looks like the bomb stops, but then it speeds up. Because they can kill each other! Sayid tells Jack and Sawyer that Desmond is down a well a little ways away from where FLocke’s camp was, and it has to be them that gets him out. And then he grabs the bomb, runs, and sacrifices himself to save everyone else when the bomb goes. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SAYID!!!! Damn, I’m tearing up again. It explodes, and RIP Sayid. We did love you. Well, except in that dark phase. Then we just weren’t sure if you’d redeem yourself. But you did by not killing Desmond. And then you died. *Sniff* Sub rocks, Lapidus runs out to see what’s wrong, and eats a big metal door that came flying at his head. Uh oh… RIP Lapidus? The sub starts filling with water where Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, and Jack are. Jack has Hurley take Kate out, giving him an air tank, because he and Sawyer are going to go help Jin get Sun out from BEHIND A CABINET AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF METAL!!!! CRAAAAAP! They struggle, and finally get the cabinet off her, but then there’s all that other metal pinning her down. CRAAAAAAAP!!!! And then Sawyer gets knocked out, so Jack has to get him out, leaving Jin and Sun. He tries to leave them with the last air canister, but Jin tells him to take it. He takes a last look at the two and then leaves. And the sub is filling, and sinking fast. CRAAAAAAP!!!! Jin keeps trying to free her, but it’s getting harder. Sun tries to get him to go, but he tells her he won’t leave her, he loves her. And there come the tears again, we all know what’s coming: 


They hold each other until death pulls them apart. Excuse me, I have to go weep and moan for the rest of the day now. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! And we see the sub sink. I’m going to hold out hope for Lapidus, but the whole door to the face and sinking sub thing doesn’t give much hope. 

Jack and Sawyer wash up on the shore, Jack checking if Saywer is alive. He is, just unconscious. Kate and Hurley come over to them, and ask where Jin and Sun are. Jack just shakes his head, and then we see Hurley and Kate start the grieving. And forgive me, but when I see this face: 


the face of Hurley as he cries, the frikkin’ waterworks start all over again for me. Dear Jorge Garcia, every time you cried on LOST, it actually made me cry. Stop making me cry by crying, dude!!! Well, except when Hurley told Claire Charlie was dead. That was not a problem for me. But congrats on getting me to cry. 

And then Jack walks over to the ocean and just starts crying “bitterly” as lostpedia puts it. And there are no dry eyes on my sofa. None. 

And then: 


So this episode destroyed me. It was looking up for Jin and Sun, and then boom. Sayid was redeeming himself, and then, boom. So many deaths tonight. Assuming Lapidus was killed, it’s the most main character deaths on any episode of LOST. We lost a lot of Widmore’s team, Jin, Sun, Sayid, and possibly Lapidus. I wept. I bawled. And then I watched it again. And cried again. It was a sad but good episode. 

On to Across the Sea. 

Woman comes out of the water, she’s shipwrecked, and very pregnant. She stumbles through the jungle until she gets to a stream. Drinks, and then sees another woman just watching her. This woman speaks to her in Latin. And then helps her to her cave (also known as the caves, but we’ll get there later). The shipwrecked woman introduces herself as Claudia. She talks with the Mystery Island Woman, who tells her she was shipwrecked on the Island a long time ago. And then Claudia goes into labor. A baby boy is born, fair and pale and all that, and Mystery Island Woman wraps him in a white cloth, and Claudia names him Jacob. In the middle of asking to see her son, they discover there’s another baby on the way. And out comes little boy number two, who has a swath of dark hair on his head. He gets wrapped in a dark brownish black cloth and is laid next to his older brother Jacob. Claudia apparently only had one name, so looks like we have a nameless baby. And then Mystery Island Woman turns to her from admiring the two boys, and has a big rock in her hands, which she uses to kill Claudia. RIP. 

Go forward a few years and there’s a boy in black walking down the beach, and he finds a game, looks like a very early version of bacgammon (Senet). He sets it up and a fair haired boy runs over to him. Turns out it’s Jacob, and the boy in black is still apparently nameless. Yeesh, poor kid. So we now have a name for him, made up over at http://thelostdiary.com, ONOOO (!!!), O Nameless One Origianl Other. They sit to play the game and ONOOO (!!!) tells Jacob that he can’t tell their mother about the game. But when Jacob heads back to the cave, she basically picks up on it right away and gets him to tell her. She walks to the beach and tells ONOOO (!!!) he can keep the game, she left it for him, and that he’s special, different than his brother. Yeah, he doesn’t have a name. Jacob does. And she tells him they never have to worry about what dead is. Since everyone off the Island is dead, according to her. The boys are later running through the jungle chasing a boar, and out of no where another spear is thrown into the boar. The boys hide, and see some strange men come and kill the boar. They run like the devil’s chasing them back to their mother and tell her about the men. She takes them to that glowing cave and tells them that it is the reason people come to the Island. And that it’s the same cycle every time, they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, and it always ends the same. But she has made it so that Jacob and ONOOO (!!!) can’t kill each other. So that was why FLocke had to get Ben to do his dirty work. They also can’t let men get into the glowing cave, which contains what is in everyone, but everyone always want more. And that they can’t ever, ever go into that cave or things will really suck for them. When she is gone, it will be up to one of them to protect it. Later, the boys are playing their game, and ONOOO (!!!) sees someone standing behind Jacob looking at him. She tells him it’s alright and not to be afraid. And when he goes to her, she tells him that she is his true mother, and his brother’s true mother, and that the woman who is raising them killed her. She also shows him the other people on the Island, who she tells him are his people. Later that night, he wakes Jacob up, and tells him that he wants him to come with him to the other side of the Island, telling him about their mother. Jacob gets angry and starts beating the crap outta ONOOO (!!!), until their mother comes in and stops it, and confirms all of what our namless little boy told Jacob. ONOOO (!!!) leaves, alone. Mystery Island Woman comes up to Jacob a little while later, when he’s sitting alone on the beach. She tells him that she really did kill their birth mother, and that she loves him, just differently than she does his brother. Yeah, Jacob, YOU HAVE A NAME! And he agrees to stay with her for a while. 

Years have passed and Jacob is now resembling Mark Pellegrino. Oops, that’s probably since Mr. Pellegrino plays grown up Jacob. Not too bad looking. Anyhow. He finishes a piece of cloth on the loom but MIW (Mystery Island Woman, I get lazy, okay.) doesn’t seem impressed, althought she claims it to be tiredness. He leaves and goes to see his brother on the other side of the Island. His brother who has grown up and is now a very good looking (yes, I have problems, he’s sort of the bad guy, I know.) as Titus Welliver. And we get to check out the arms as he pulls a rope at the well. After he sees Jacob, they head to a tent and play, yeah, you guessed it, Senet, just as they always have. ONOOO (!!!) tells Jacob that the people are a means to an end off the Island, even though they are exactly what their mother told them people were years earlier. He just wants off the Island. And that well, it has powers, it sucks a knife right to it. Hey, I recognize the knife! It’s the same one used to try and kill FLocke (unsuccessful) and Scary Sayid used to slash Dogen across the throat with all in the same episode. And the knife ONOOO (!!!) gave to Richard after he crashed on the Island to go kill Jacob, another unsuccessful attempt. It’s been around a while, I guess. And it originally was ONOOO (!!!)’s. ONOOO (!!!) yet again tries to convince Jacob to leave with him, but for Jacob, the Island always has been and always will be home, even though his brother thinks differently. Jacob goes back to the caves and tells their mother about the well and the plan. She decides it’s finally time to visit her kid. He shows her the plan, the light behind the wall, and the BIG DONKEY WHEEL!!! He came up with that idea. Which can say a lot… like maybe it was never Jacob’s idea to move the Island. Oh wait, we had that idea already. But still. She makes it seem like they’re saying goodbye, but then she decides she can’t let him leave, apologizes, and then runs his head into the wall, knocking him out. She goes back to Jacob, and takes him back to that glowing cave. She tells him that it was always supposed to be him that protects the light. And he consents to take her place, she pours some wine, murmurs something over it, and gives it to Jacob to drink. After he has she tells him that they are the same. Looks like Jacob will now know what’s up with the light. On the other side of the Island, ONOOO (!!!) is awakening from getting knocked out by mama, and sees that everything has been destroyed, the people all killed, the wells filled in and destroyed. All he finds is that game he’s had for years. And then he cries. Titus Welliver crying has not gotten me to tears, but that’s okay. Who knows, if it was something sad like Jin, Sun, and Sayid all dying at once, I’d probably cry too. But not like Hurley tears. Jacob and MIW are walking through the jungle and hear thunder. Jacob heads off to get firewood, and it seems like MIW is about to tell him she loves him, but tells him to be careful, although you could practically hear the “I love you” in her voice. She gets back to the cave to find it totally wrecked, and then ONOOO (!!!) stabs her. Just before she dies, she tells him that she loves him, and then thanks him for killing her… and then Jacob comes in, and well, let’s just say that he isn’t most pleased with his brother for killing their mother. Beats the crap out of him, and then drags him to the stream with the cave, smacks his head against the rocks to knock him out, and lets him float into the light. And then he comes out, or more like shoots out of the cave. But like this: 


Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you, for your terror, the Smoooooooke Moooooooonster! So that’s how he came to be. 

Jacob is walking back to the caves all sad and dejected when he see’s ONOOO (!!!)’s body limp in the tree branches, kind of like the pilot was in the Pilot episode. He brings the body back to the cave and puts both his brother and his mother side by side on a wall of the cave. And then picks up a black stone and a white stone from the game, and places them in a pouch, and puts the pouch with their mother, and hey, look at that, we have found out who the Island Adam and Eve are! And we even get to see that episode where Jack and Kate found them. Forgot that Jack hid the stones from Locke. Wonder why he did that… And then: 


I know there was a lot of dislike about this episode, but I liked it. We got some answers, and we got to see Jacob and ONOOO (!!!) grow up. Yes, the lit cave could be deemed slightly cheesy, but then again, it could have been so much worse. I’ll just take my answers where I get them, thank you. I’m going to miss this show in a few days. 

What They Died For. 

Can this really be the last episode before the Series Finale? Has this season already blown by so fast? Have the past six seasons all blown by so fast? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END??? I predict that Sunday night I’ll be crying when the final LOST shows on the screen at the end of the finale. I don’t want it to end. All these people are excited for the finale, I’m not, it’ll be the end. I want more. And know there is no more after Sunday. Okay, depressing Kati is done for now. Let’s go! 

Great, they show me all those deaths again right there on the previously on LOST. Like we can’t remember we just saw three heartbreaking deaths. No I am not crying again, I don’t care what you say. 

In Sideways world first. And we get the iconic LOST opening shot of an eye. I’m going to miss that. And forever get excited when I see a closeup of an eye on a tv show. OMYGOD IT’S JACK! That’ll be my reaction, just you wait. Of course, this time it is Jack, sideways Jack. He heads to the bathroom, and there’s that pesky cut on his neck again. I’m no expert, but it’s looking pretty messy. And apparently David and him are doing much better, since David stayed at his house instead of with mom, and even made breakfast. Or opened a box of cereal… that is making breakfast for some, but Jack teases him. David reminds him of the concert that he’s playing in tonight, and he wants his dad there, and his mom will be there. We get to see his mom? Yes! And, just like all others who have said it, we all know it’s gonna be Juliet. Knew that the moment I saw David’s eyes. They’re Juliet blue. Then Claire comes in, since she’s staying over at Jack’s place too. Being his sister and all. She tells them the baby kicks her all night long, but she’s grinning as she says it. Odds that Claire decides to keep this baby, anyone? Jack gets a call from Oceanic, they’ve got his father’s coffin on the way to the airport. Yay. Ooooor that’s what we’re led to believe, since we now see that on the other end of the line is Desmond. Hmmmm… guess he’s tricking Jack? Or does he have someone at the airport who told him this. 

Out near Tustin in our sideways world, Locke has his van fixed, and he’s back to teaching at the school. A couple students welcome him back, and look who’s watching him from the car! Desmond. Oh great, Locke’s going to have another confrontation with that bumper. Well, unless Dr. Linus has something to say, which he does. And then Desmond beats the crap out of him. While Ben is getting beat up again (Poor Michael Emerson, he always sports bruise-like makeup on this show.) he has a flash, similar to Desmond, Charlie, and Hurley’s, of getting beat up by Desmond another time. This was when Ben went to go kill Penny in the original time, and Desmond beat him up and tossed him in the water. Desmond tells Ben that he’s not trying to hurt Locke, just trying to help him let go. And then Desmond gets in his car and drives away. Apparently someone has helped Ben up, he’s now in the nurses office (guessing it’s the same nurse who was involved with the principle Dick Thornburton… or whatever his name was, but he played Dick in Die Hard 1 & 2), she’s cleaning him up. She leaves to go get something and he looks at himself in the mirror, until Locke comes in. He tells Locke what happened, down to the flash he saw, and how he believes Desmond. Locke started to call LAPD, but put the phone away. On the other end of that phone call, at the LAPD desk, the officer puts the phone down just as Desmond is walking up, telling the officer he needs to speak with someone. In the office, Miles is getting dressed up, and James comments on it. Miles reminds him of the concert at his dad’s museum that he’s been talking about for a while, and James can still come with him if he wants. But when James finds out Charlotte is going to be there, he decideds not to go to the concert. At this point, Desmond and the desk officer come walking up, and Desmond tells James that he is the man who hit Locke, and beat the crap out of Ben. They take him back to a holding cell, and there’s Sayid and Kate, both of whom he greets with a smile on his face. He has this all planned out. 

Back at the high school, Alex runs into Ben, who is sporting a sling, and dropping his keys. She expresses concern for his getting beat up, especially since he’s “the nicest guy ever” (weird) and helps him with his stuff. She offers him a ride home, pointing out that he looks like Napolean. She asks her mom if they can give him a ride, and out of the car climbs: 


Danielle. (WEIRD!) Girl looks nice off Island. Cleaned up and everything. But it’s kind of weird. She seems pleased to meet him, and the two Rousseau women insist upon bringing Ben home to have dinner with them, even if they “have to kidnap” him. Dude, this is weird. After dinner, Alex does her homework, and Ben and Danielle clean up. Danielle remarks how happy she is to cook for someone other than Alex, and tells Ben her husband died when Alex was two. She tells him that for Alex, Ben is the closest thing she has ever had to a father. Oh, sweetie, you have noooo idea. Ben looks emotional, and looks at Alex while trying not to cry. He passes the tears off as too much onion, and Danielle says she’ll go lighter on them next time. Sweet. Okay, to kill the moment, did anyone else have the fear that Danielle and Ben were about to have a moment? Dude, that would have been so not right! But sweet. But just wrong… okay. Moving on. 

Over at St. Sebastian Hospital, Jack is working in his office, and Locke stops by, telling him about the coincidences that have happened to him recently. They were on the same flight from Sydney, he was brought to Jack’s hospital and had Jack as his surgeon, the guy who hit him was on that flight, he came back to hit him, and was only doing it to help him let go. Locke wants the surgery, he’s tired of his chair. And he’s going to dance with Artie from Glee to Safety Dance! Oops, sorry, getting my shows mixed up. Locke thinks Jack is supposed to fix him. After Jack asks him if he’s confusing coincidence with fate, Locke assures him he’s not, and it looks like Jack is going to help him. 

Back at LAPD, all of our Oceanic 815 prisoners are getting transported to County. Kate trys one last time to get James to help her, but she’s in the back of the bus to county with Des and Sayid. While they’re traveling, Desmond smiles and says that it’s time for them to leave. Sayid mentions that he’s the crazy person who turned himself in, and Des agrees that he hit a guy in a wheelchair and that he may be crazy, but this isn’t the issue. The issue is leaving. He tells them the driver will stop, but he’s going to ask the two of them to make a promise to him after he frees them. They agree, and then the van stops and the doors in the back open. And, no, it can’t be, NOT HER!!! Ana Lucia Frikkin’ Cortez opens the doors to free them. Excuse me, I have to go have a rage blackout. I can’t stand Ana Lucia. ACK!!!! She’s still her crooked cop self. Rage coming back up again. Okay, I’m calm for the moment. Just finish with her now. Hugo shows up in his yellow Hummer, gives that damn AL her money for freeing them, and then she goes away. Thank God. The rage is going down. Desmond tells Sayid to go with Hugo in the Hummer, and Desmond and Kate are going in Hugo’s Camaro, which has keys and all that they’ll need, which includes an LBD for Kate, since they’re going to a concert. You mean the same one that Jack, David, Miles, Dr. Chang, and Charlotte are going to be at? Will Mr. Eko be there, please? And off they go to escape. 

And now to what’s happing in the orignal line on the Island. Jack’s going to sew up Kates gunshot wound, in homage to their first meeting in the Pilot, where Kate sewed up Jack’s massive gash from the crash. Hey, that ryhmes. Ha. She tells him about Jin and Sun’s baby girl, Ji-Yeon. How Jin had never even met her. It’s clear everyone is still destroyed by their deaths. Yeah, me too. Kate tells Jack that they have to kill FLocke, since he did it. Sawyer and Hurley are watching debris from the sub wash up on shore, and Kate comes over to lean on Sawyer. Damn girl, make up your friggin’ mind, would you! Sawyer or Jack! There’s only one episode left, so choose already! They all watch as stuff washes up, all very sad at the loss of their friends. Then they set off to the well Des is in, because Jack knows that if FLocke wanted to kill him, they’re going to need him. While hiking, Sawyer wonders why FLocke didn’t just kill Desmond, and Jack thinks it has to do with the “rules”. Sawyer then asks if he killed Jin and Sun and Sayid, but Jack tries to tell him that it was FLocke, not Sawyer, who killed them. A little behind the two of them, Hurley sees Little Jacob standing on the path, and he demands the ashes Hurley took from Ilana’s things. Hurley takes the pouch out, and while asking Little Jacob why he wants them, Little Jacob snatches the pouch and runs off. Hurley chases him, and then runs into Jacob, sitting by a fire that has the ashes thrown in them. Apparently when the fire goes out, we’ll never see Jacob again. Guess that’ll be soon. He also tells Hurley “We are very close to the end.” Yeah, I know Jacob. You don’t have to remind me that the next episode I’ll see is the series finale. Rub salt on in that wound, why don’t ya. Later that night, Hurley gets Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to the fire, and Jacob greets them all, and they all can see him. Kate asks him about the wall with the names, and why was hers crossed out. Jacob wrote them all, and her name was just crossed out because she became a mother. But it was just a name with a line of chalk through it, Jacob tells her she can still have the job if she wants it. Yeesh, Kate, don’t get too mad. Another thing she wants to know is if Jin and Sun and Sayid died for nothing, and he tells them all that he’ll explain that. But we don’t get to see it!!! And then he adds that once the campfire burns out, there will have to be someone to replace him. And if no one chooses to, they all, along with everyone they care for, die. Happy thoughts Jacob. He explains to them what we saw last episode, the mistake he made that created the Monster. How ONOOO (!!!) has been trying to kill him since. That whoever takes over this position has to do the thing Jacob never could do, which was kill ONOOO (!!!). Jacob wants the last few candidates to have a choice, as it was the one thing he never had. They all had sad, flawed lives, and now they have a choice. They are like Jacob, but they have the choice he never did. Jack steps up and says that it is his purpose to be the new Jacob. That and a lot of fans have theorized it. Sawyer gets all snippy about Jack having a god-complex, Kate tells him to shush, and Hurley is just glad it’s not him who has to do the job. Meanwhile, Jack and Jacob talk, Jacob tells Jack about the cave that he has to protect, and apparently it’s just a little ways away from the bamboo field he woke up in the first time they crashed on the Island. Coincidence much? Jacob then starts murmurring something into the water he has cupped in his hands, similar to what his mother said over the wine. He then puts water in the cup Jack has from his bag, and gives it to Jack to drink, and when Jack is done he tells him something very similar to what his mother told him, “Now you are like me.” 

Over at the Barracks, Miles, Richard, and Ben are still on a path for C4. That’s one long hike. But, glad to see you alive. They finally get there, and Miles starts hearing those “someone dead is talking to me” noises he can hear. Apparently it’s Alex, Richard burried her after Ben left. Ben thanks him for it, and then they head into Ben’s house. It’s C4 time, boys and girls. They head to the closet, Miles makes a sarcastic remark about a secret-er room, which is actually where Ben was told he could summon the Monster. Until he learned that it was the other way around. Good to see you back Miles. Richard tells Ben to get enough C4 to blow the plane to hell. And then they hear noises from the kitchen, which turns out to be Zoe, and Charles Widmore.  He sends Zoe down to the pier to get rid of their stuff in the outrigger, after convincing Ben that killing either him or Zoe would be bad, since Widmore is apparently the Island’s last hope. After she leaves, Widmore figures out the plan to blow the plane, and tells Ben that he’s already rigged that plane with explosives, and Ben is three steps behind him, like always. He tells Ben that Jacob came to visit him, and convinced him he was on the wrong side after the freighter explosion (*Sniff* Keamy), and that’s how he got back to the Island. Of course Ben doesn’t believe that Widmore saw Jacob, but he insists. Before he can explain too much more, Zoe radios in saying FLocke is at the dock and has seen the outrigger, but not her. Widmore tells her to come back right away, and everyone else that they should hide. 

At the dock, FLocke sees the outrigger packed with Widmore equipment, and starts heading to the Barracks. At Ben’s house, Zoe gets back, and her and Widmore hide in Ben’s closet, while Miles hauls off to the jungle and Richard and Ben go outside to meet FLocke. Ben demands Widmore’s walkie-talkie, not sure what for. Once outside, Richard and Ben hear the sounds of Smokie, and all of the sudden, bam! Richard just got Smokie smacked. Guess he’s not a line to ONOOO (!!!) anymore… Ben calmly sits on the porch to wait for FLocke to come, and when he does, he offers him some lemonade. Gotta love calm Ben. FLocke has some people he needs Ben to kill again, and he also wants to know whose stuff was in the outrigger down at the dock. Ben does a good old roll-over on Widmore and tells FLocke it was Widmore’s stuff and he is hiding in the closet. Oh, Evil Ben, how I have missed you! They go in and FLocke heads to the closet, telling Ben he should wait outside, but Ben wants to see what happens, so he stays. They go in, Ben gives a very non-apologetic “Sorry Charles”, we all are very happy to hear that one. FLocke asks Zoe who she is, and then after Charles tells her not to speak to him, he slashes her throat. RIP Zoe. He then threatens Widmore to either tell him why he brought Desmond back to the Island, or FLocke will kill Penny and Charlie. Ouch. Widmore prefers to tell FLocke without Ben listening, so Ben looks to be leaving the closet, Widmore tells FLocke it is because of Desmonds resistance to electromagnetic energy and he is a measure of last resort. After whispering this in FLocke’s ear, he is shot three times in the chest by Ben, who says “He doesn’t get to save his daughter.” Of course, he already has, since he told FLocke what he needed. Ben then asks about the other people that FLocke wanted him to kill, and FLocke gives him a “gloating look” (according to lostpedia). 

And finally, at the Well. FLocke and Ben see that Desmond is no longer in the well, and FLocke says that someone actually helped him out, not just Desmond. He tells Ben that Desmond was a failsafe in case someone managed to kill the “precious candidates”, Desmond was the last way to keep FLocke on the Island. And that he is going to find Desmond and have him destroy the Island. And then 


I liked the episode. Minus the fact that this was the last one before the Finale. We all were right that Jack was going to fill in for Jacob, at least for some time he will be. We see Ben back to his old self again, something that we really haven’t seen much of since the death of Alex. But what about Miles and Richard? ARE THEY OKAY?! Did Miles get one of the walkie-talkies. Is Richard no longer invincible? How will it all end next week? And did we have to see Ana Lucia again? I mean, really. Gack. She’s worse than Charlie, save only that Charlie took waaaay longer to die. 

Well, the next recap post will be the last one for a new episode. I discovered that I left off the old season recaps on The House of the Rising Sun, so starting in June, when I start rewatching from Season 1, once I get to the episode The Moth, I’ll be doing more recaps. Just because. 

Till the finale post. (Yes, I know it aired. I cried.)


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One thought on “The Candidate, Across the Sea, and What They Died For

  1. Also loved the Across The Sea episode, on Damon’s Facebook he got so much stick for it. Yet my initial reaction was I bet everyone is raving about this, total shock when Lost fans were divided. 😦

    Posted by mostsedulous | June 13, 2010, 9:20 pm

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