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LOST – The Last Recruit

There’s been a lot of mixed feelings about this episode. I liked it, I liked what happened in it, the answers that we got and such. It was good to me. Alright, lets go! 

Anyone else think they're tired of all the standing in water?


 So we start out on the Island at Camp FLocke, FLocke and Jack’s camp have started to combine since Camp Jack and Hurley found them. FLocke and Jack go off into the jungle to catch up, after all, Jack looked, um, surprised to see FLocke alive and kicking in the form of John Locke… When Jack asks him why he used John Locke, FLocke says “Because he was stupid enough to believe that he’d been brough here for a reason. Because he pursued that belief until it got him killed. And because you were kind enough to bring his body back here in a nice wooden box.” Hmmmm, does this mean that the MiB was the one to heal Locke of his paralysis when he crashed on the Island? Anyhow, Jack asks FLocke if he ever appeared as his father, Christian Shephard. Turns out FLocke used to be FChristian. Or at least that’s what he says… FLocke says he did that to help Jack find water, and that he was always trying to help Jack, but because he was “chosen” by Jacob, he was destined to be there. Jack starts to say John Locke believed, but is interrupted by FLocke, who says “John Locke wasn’t a believer, he was a sucker.” 

Over to the Alternate Time. Dr. Linus is riding in the back of an ambulance with Locke and the EMT’s.  The EMT’s are trying to get response from Locke, who if you don’t remember just lost at an altercation with the bumper of Desmond’s car, and they can’t get a response, until Ben tells him that he was already a paraplegic. They work to keep him alive, and Ben tells them what he knows of Mr. Locke, a substitute teacher at his school. Locke manages to get out “My name is John” and when they ask for an emergency contact, he manages “Helen Norwood. I was going to marry her.” Hmmmmm, was. Does that mean he either A) has lost Helen again, B) thinks he’s going to die from this and won’t be able to marry her, or C) his consciousness has bled over with his original timeline memories, and he believes Helen has died of an aneurysm like she did in the original line? So Locke’s ambulance pulls up next to the one carrying Jin and a shot, pregnant Sun. Jin is panicking and doing his best to tell the EMT’s that Sun is pregnant, since he can’t speak English. They seem to understand and are trying to assure him they’ll do their best with both Sun and the baby. Sun looks over and sees that Locke is on the gurney next to her, and starts to panic, whimpering “it’s him, it’s him.” while Locke manages a small smile. Ummmm, HUH? 

Back to the original time. Jack and FLocke are walking through the jungle back to the combined camp, when FLocke notices someone is following them. He shouts for them to come out, and it’s Scary Claire, who says that she just wants to talk to her brother. FLocke leaves the two of them to catch up. The usual reunion conversation happens, with Claire saying that she’s glad Jack has decided to go with them. Jack says he hasn’t decided yet, but Claire tells him that he decided the moment he let FLocke talk to him. 

A little while later, Hurley and Sawyer are talking about the escape plan Sawyer has to use the sub and get off the Island. Hurley wants to know why Sayid and Claire aren’t included in the plan. Well Hurley, they’re not invited to this going away party because Claire already attacked Kate once, which Saywer didn’t like at all, and Sayid isn’t because he’s become FLocke’s right hand man and is totally numb and on the dark side. Although Hurley believes that like some guy from Star Wars (sorry, I’ve never been able to get through more than 15 minutes of those movies, and I can’t remember what character Hurley named) Sayid can come back from the Dark Side. Sawyer has absolutely no clue what reference Hurley just made. Oh thank God, I’m in good company there. 

Back to alternate timeline. James Ford is walking through the police station eating an apple. When he gets to the desk where Kate the fugitive is at, he stops to have a little chat and all. He asks her if she remembers him, he was the guy who held the elevator for her, and she asks why he didn’t alert the authorities, since he saw her handcuffs. A little flirting goes on and she thinks he didn’t tell about her because he didn’t want people to know he was in Australia. After a few minutes of talking, Miles calls Sawyer over, telling him about a multiple homicide at a restaurant, a guy named Keamy (NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry, I’m composed again) and a few of his workers. The only two witnesses are one woman, GSW (I’m gonna go with Gun Shot Wound on that one) and her boyfriend, and neither speak English. And surveillance from an ATM camera picked up a picture of a guy (or jabony, as Miles put it) fleeing the scene. Um, that looks a lot like Sayid… oh, wait, it is! Uh-oh… So they set to work finding out who that was and where they can find him. 

Back on the non-sunken below the water Island, Kate and Jack are discussing their conversations with FLocke. As they’re talking, Zoe from Widmore’s team walks into the camp asking where the Package is (in case you forgot, she means Desmond) Widmore wants him back, and if FLocke doesn’t cooperate by the end of the day, well, Widmore is just gonna mortar their camp. And to prove it they fire a test one just a few feet away from the camp. Zoe leaves, giving FLocke a walkie-talkie and telling him that when he’s ready to comply, just radio over. FLocke just smashes it with his big stick. I don’t think he’ll be complying any time soon. 

Back to Alternate Reality time, Claire is still a very pregnant lady. She heads into a sky-rise to see a Pacific Adoption Agency, and runs into Desmond. They talk a little, she tells him his guess was right, she’s having a boy, and they head up the escalator, where he notes that she is heading into an adoption agency alone, but he doesn’t mean without a father of the baby, just legal representation, which Claire says she can’t afford. He tells her he’s headed up to see a lawyer and they owe him a favor, so he can get her some help. Such a nice guy. They get off at Floor 15 and head to the law offices of Sweetzer and Verdansky, where Desmond has a meeting with Ms. Verdansky. A few moments later, Ilana walks out, and introduces herself to Claire as Ilana Verdansky. Hey, we learned Ilana’s last name! Verdansky! And apparently, she has been looking for Claire for the past week or so, and hey look, here she is. So they head off to talk a bit, and Claire thanks Desmond for his help. 

Back at Camp FLocke, Claire and Hurley talk for a minute until FLocke gives a speech about while it might be earlier than he planned, it’s time for everyone to pack up and move, they’re going to the Hydra Island. He then pulls Sawyer aside, and wants him to get the boat tied up in the bluffs a little ways away and meet up with the rest of them. Sawyer tells him that he needs to take help, and FLocke lets him chose someone, who turns out to be Kate. Hmmm, could the boat be The Elizabeth? Sawyer heads over to Jack to have “guy-talk” and tells him of the plan to steal the boat, head over to Hydra Island, and get the hell off the rock in Widmore’s sub. He wants Jack to bring Sun, Hurley, and Lapidus only to the boat, and gives him the map and tells him to figure out how to get away from FLocke. Jack asks why not with Sayid and Claire, and Sawyer tells him about Claire trying to kill Kate so she lost her seat and Sayid is out because of his position with FLocke. Meanwhile Sayid heads off with FLocke to an area away from the camp. FLocke wants him to go to the well where Desmond is and kill him. Sayid, if you kill Desmond, you sir are DEAD to me! Sayid heads off to do his job (remember what I just said Sayid! I will not lie!) and gets to the well where Desmond is just sitting. Um, the well looks like there’s a lot less distance to fall this time than the last time he was tumbling down it, but that might just be me… Desmond asks Sayid what FLocke offered him to just kill Desmond in cold blood (DEAD TO ME SAYID!) Sayid tells him that FLocke will give him back someone he lost, someone who is dead. And Desmond asks him what he will tell that person when he gets her back. When he is asked that, he seems at a loss for words, and then the scene cuts. So I don’t know if Sayid has killed him (but if he has… DEAD. TO. ME.) 

Back in the Alternate timeline, Sayid is rushing into his brother’s house and getting his bags packed in a mad rush. Nadia comes in and asks him why he is leaving, all he tells her is he has to leave fast and never return. When they hear the doorbell ring, he asks her to stall whoever is at the door. Which turns out to be Detective Miles Straume. He’d like to find out a few things about Sayid. Once Nadia has asked him for his ID, she really has nothing else to stall him with, and so has to let him in, but when he gets to the room where Sayid was, it’s empty. Since Sayid has run outside. Only to get tripped by James and his tricky garden hose. Dude, seriously? I expected better of Sayid. James places Sayid under arrest for murder. Uh oh… 

Back on the Island, Saywer and Kate arrive at the boat (it is the Elizabeth!), and as they are getting ready to swim out to it, there’s no bridge or dock nearby, gotta swim, Kate expresses her doubts about taking the boat to meet up with FLocke. Well thank God Sawyer was thinking straight and has decided they’re stealing it, huh Kate? Smarter than you thought… Of course then she gets upset that he’s not letting Claire come back with them. But as far as Sawyer is concerned, the Claire Kate came back for is no longer in existence. Duh, she’s been replaced with Scary Claire. Catch a falling star, Kate. After he gets her to deal with this fact, they swim out to the boat. 

Meanwhile, the rest of Camp FLocke is walking to the meeting point (or at least what FLocke thinks is the meeting point), when he notices that Sayid isn’t back yet. He asks Sun if she’s seen him or not, but she just keeps walking silently. FLocke thinks this is the silent treatment, and gets upset, but she writes out that in a way, he did this to her, knocking the English out of her. Of course he gets all huffy and says that he didn’t do anything to her before storming off. Um, who’s the childlike one? He tells Cindy that he’s going to find Sayid and she needs to keep them all going to the meeting point. Jack sees this as his perfect opportunity to run to the other meeting point. Where the boat will actually be. He gets Sun and Hurley and Lapidus and they run off to find the boat. Of course they don’t know that Claire has seen them and boy is she pissed. Crap. She thinks they’re all abandoning her, and this just after talking to Jack about her reason for trusting FLocke is because he didn’t abandon her like he did. Yeesh, Jack. Could you have been slightly more subtle? 

FLocke finds Sayid walking through the jungle, and he claims that he has killed Desmond, he just needed a minute to come to terms. (DEAD TO ME IF THIS IS TRUE!!!) When FLocke presses, he tells him he can go check if he wants to be certain. FLocke takes his word, and they head off to the meeting point. 

Jack and his group are all running through the jungle to get to the boat, and going fast, because when FLocke gets mad and turns into Smokie, ain’t no stoppin him from going fast. Hurley spots the boat, and they all run and are almost all on it and about to take off when they hear the sound of a cocking gun, and Scary Claire walks out of the jungle, rifle drawn. Crap, she caught up fast. Kate decides that this would be the perfect opportunity to get her on the boat and talks her into it, telling her that she is the only reason for her returning, so she can raise Aaron rightfully, and that she promises to get Claire off. As Claire has been convinced and is allowed on the boat, Kate takes her rifle from her, and Claire comments “He finds out we’re gone, he’s gonna be mad.” So get gone fast! And off they go. 

In the world of alternates, it looks like Jack and David are patching things up and becoming the Father-Son Dream Team. Or at least David is becoming Jack’s min-me, from the suit to the walk. Love it! They’re heading up to the law offices to deal with the will reading, and David’s mother calls wanting to know what time David will be home. Jack starts to say around five, but David reminds him of their plans for dinner, and Jack changes it to seven. Good to see them working out. Jack tells him it’s okay to be a little sad, but David is just sad for Jack having to go through this all. They head up to the offices, and hey, look who’s their lawyer: 


Ilana, who wanted to talk with Claire… we’ve all drawn the lines by now, right? She takes them into a room where Claire is already sitting and introduces the two half-siblings and her half-nephew. Jack asks her why his father named her in his will, and she says “He was my father too.” Fun times for all. He then gets a call from the hospital and agrees to come in for the emergency surgery, and so they have to reschedule with Claire and Ilana. 

On the boat, almost everybody heads below to get some food that Lapidus found. Sawyer gets Kate to take over the wheel for a minute so he can go talk to Jack, who is sitting by himself looking deep in thought. Jack’s wondering if their leaving is the right thing to do, he remembers the last time he left, there was a gaping hole in him, it felt like. Sawyer remarks to him that there are pills for that, but um, we all know that when Jack left last time he was addicted to his pills and a drunk. Soooo, pills probably wouldn’t be good, but thanks for caring so much Sawyer. They discuss this until Sawyer tells him that if Jack wants to take a leap of faith, he can just get off the boat and go back to the Island. So with Kate in a panic watching, Jack jumps right off the boat, slightly waves at Kate, and swims back to the Island. 

In the Alternate world, we’re in a room with the sound of beeping monitors. It’s Sun in her hospital room, and she’s just waking up after surgery. Jin is asleep in a chair next to her, and when she wakes up and says his name, he jumps up and moves closer to her. He tells her she was shot, and that she’s going to be fine, she asks about her baby, and he tells her that the baby will be fine too, they’re all okay and it’s all over. Awww, a happy ending. In the cooridor her room is on, Jack and mini-me David are walking (identically, it’s scary) down the hall for Jack to go to surgery and David to wait for him. They will have their dinner. They’re both shocked that Christian had a secret daughter, and David remarks that maybe Christian was where Jack got his secret keeping from. Careful kid, it might run in the family. David wishes Jack luck and Jack heads in to prep for surgery. The other surgeon fills him in, tells him they were in over their heads with the guy who was already paralyzed, and Jack notes the obliterated dural sac. He heads in to start the operation, and sees the face of the patient in the mirror. He recognizes him, most likely as John Locke, the guy in the wheel chair he met at the baggage claim in LAX, but possibly from the other timeline… 

On the Island, Jack washes up on shore in front of FLocke and his groupies. FLocke remarks nice day for a swim and asks if Sawyer took his boat, which Jack confirms… FLocke doesn’t look pleased. 

On Hydra, Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Lapidus, Hurley, and Claire swim up on shore (okay, quick bone to pick. In the Season 3 finale, Hurley did a cannonball into the ocean, showing he can swim. Then in Season 5, he’s shouting for help because he can’t swim, and now here he is swimming again. Um, clarification?) Anyhow, they wash up on Hydra’s shores, and there’s Zoe and her crew, waiting with guns pointed. Sawyer and them drop their guns, and Zoe tells her people to lower the weapons, she recognizes him. And she radios Widmore and tells the team to turn off the sonar fence. As she’s talking to Charles, Jin rounds the corner…. yeah. And Sun is there. Yeah. He sees her, she sees him, and: 


YAY!!! They finally have found each other after three long years! Sweet, quiet reunion. And Sun got her English back. All she needed was the right trigger. Ah crap, I’m tearing up again. As this all happened, from Jin first rounding the corner, I was sitting bolt upright gasping, and then they see each other and there’s seriously a loud YAY! from me, followed by no really, I’m not crying dammit. Okay, fine, I am. *Sniff* But I’ll talk about this more later. Of course then two seconds later, Zoe is back to pointing guns and forcing them all to their knees. Um Widmore, you kill Jin and Sun just after they find each other, and you will have a fate the same as Sayid. Dead. To. Me. Apparently the deal Sawyer had with Widmore is off. And then they start firing mortars at FLocke on the beach. Which Jack hears coming and starts to run moments before the mortar hits and sends Jack flying, which I’m sorry, but maybe it wasn’t a good thing, but it looked awesome to see him going through the air like that. Since he didn’t die then… FLocke grabs him and runs into the jungle, where he leans Jack against a tree and tells him he’s okay, “You’re with me now.” he says to Jack. And then 


Well, I liked this episode. I’m of the “Any new LOST is good LOST” camp, but this was good to me. And while many didn’t think the Jin and Sun reunion had enough to it, I believe it did. If it had been more, people would have been complaining that it was too cheesy. Think about it, they’ve been looking for years, and they’re both having a time right now, pretty tired. But they see each other and love each other and are so happy to be together again. It was simple and quiet, and it worked well as far as I’m concerned. But that’s just me. And others are free to dispute that against me. But this was what took me so long to write this one, I wanted to get opinions and work with my own and incorporate them all together. And it’s been a crazy few weeks. 

Can’t wait for the new episode tomorrow! 

Till LOST Day.


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