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Finale Post to come soon

So I’ve wanted to get the LOST Finale post up, but I’m still processing and rewatching. I’ll be doing a rewatch tonight/tomorrow, so hopefully it’ll come soon. Sorry, I keep meaning to get it up, and I will soon, promise. Advertisements

A Horrible Thought

So (posting this from my other blog, http://ellemck1.wordpress.com) I just had this terrible thought. What if, twenty or so years from now, some person out in the movie industry thinks it’s a good idea to remake LOST, but as a movie. With different actors. Anyone else with me on thinking that would be a horrible … Continue reading

The Candidate, Across the Sea, and What They Died For

Okay, it’s been a while for the recap. Sun and Jin dying just did that much to me. And Sayid. And possibly Lapidus. And jury duty, two exhausting weeks, and a broken BlackBerry didn’t help matters much.  So let’s start it up, and then I’ll be working on the big post for The End. *Sniff*  … Continue reading

Update and a Name.

Updated the Unanswered questions list from last nights answers from LOST. https://lovesteamykeamy.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/lost-unanswered-questions/ Double post to come soon, The Candidate and Across the Sea. And I have a name for our MiB, who has no real name, O Nameless One Original Other, or for short ONOOO(!!!) ONOOO!!! HE DOESN’T HAVE A REAL NAME! Post to come … Continue reading


So I’m calling for a mourning day, seeing as we just lost three loved characters. Just to let you know, it’s gonna take a while to get the recap for this episode out… I’m kinda destroyed at Jin and Sun. Even if they died together. It’s still a sad, sad, sad moment for LOST. It … Continue reading

LOST – The Last Recruit

There’s been a lot of mixed feelings about this episode. I liked it, I liked what happened in it, the answers that we got and such. It was good to me. Alright, lets go!     So we start out on the Island at Camp FLocke, FLocke and Jack’s camp have started to combine since Camp … Continue reading