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Happily Ever After and Everybody Loves Hugo

Okay, so the multi-recap posts for Kati’s been too busy/lazy/crazy to get the recaps up continues. We’re almost there people. On to Happily Ever After and Everybody Loves Hugo. Shoot, maybe I’ll actually finish this before next week’s episode comes. 

Happily Ever After 


So we start this episode out without a “previously on LOST” moment. I always love those episodes. Mostly because almost all of those episodes are a Desmond one, and all of them are awesome. So I can hope for greatness from this one. Desmond is waking up in a medical bay, he’s a little groggy. Oh, and he wants to see Penny and Charlie right away. “Um, sorry Desmond, but you can’t see them, since we kidnapped you and brought you back to the Island. Happy birthday!” Widmore. Or that’s what Widmore would say if he worked with my weird brain. And shockingly, Desmond is pissed as hell because of this. Since he never wanted to set foot on that Island again once he left it. Three years earlier. And now he’s been kidnapped and taken back, so he starts beating Widmore with an IV drip because of this. We all deal with our anger in different ways, children. Desmond wants to go back home, to Penny and Charlie, but Widmore tells him that he can’t, since the Island isn’t done with him. Hey, didn’t Mrs. Hawking say that last season when they were all at the Lamp Post? Oh, yeah, she did! She warned him, but that stubborn man did not listen to him. And Jin is pretty shocked to see Desmond here on Hydra. Jin heads off with Zoe to tell the other people that they need to be ready to do the test in a few minutes, yes they moved up the schedule, but it doesn’t matter. When Widmore wants something, you do as he says. They start the test, only to notice something isn’t working, so some poor redshirt gets sent out to see whats wrong in the wood shack where the test is going on. And then another guy figures out the problem. And just as the redshirt is checking out the solenoid coils the switch is flipped, and he becomes crispy-fried redshirt. RIP, sir. We never even knew you. Zoe and the other guys all run out, just as Widmore and a security team are bringing Desmond, who sees crispy-fried guy. And realizes that he’s next to go in there… uh-oh. They tie him up to a chair and head into the office, Jin behind them a little worried for Desmond. And then they flip the switches and all, and turn on the electromagnets, and there goes Desmond, into alternate reality world. 

We go through some clouds, and then Desmond is studying a monitor to find out where his luggage claim carousel is, Hugo Reyes passes by him and tells him that it’s Carousel 4. Desmond heads over and helps a very pregnant Claire get her luggage, which was just a little further up than she could easily reach. Awww, he’s such a nice guy. Small talk about what she’s having, whether it’s a boy or girl, telling her she’s braver than he, he doesn’t like surprises (what is with all these people not liking surprises recently? Don’t they know what show they’re on?) He also offers to give her a ride to wherever she needs to be in his car that’s picking him up, but she says she’s okay, and he tells her he thinks it’s a boy. It’s like he knows! And then he meets with his driver, and hey, anyone else think that guy looks familiar? Oh, he does! It’s George Minkowski, the communications officer from the Kahana, Widmore’s freighter. And he still works for Widmore, just as a driver. George takes Desmond straight to Widmore’s office, and boy are we in for a surprise, not only does Desmond work for Widmore, but he is his right hand man! They like each other! Widmore has a phone conversation about getting someone out of jail on bail, and needing him for a benefit his wife is throwing, his son wanted to combine this rock band, Drive Shaft, with his classical music. Oh boy, “You All, Everybody” set to classical music. Because you want bleeding ears. And Widmore wants Desmond to be the one to take care of the “rockstar”, since he is the best of the best in Widmore’s company. And then there’s drinking a toast to Desmond, because he has the perfect life. Not married, no children, all that stuff. Which means no Penny and Charlie… not cool! First Jin and Sun, now Desmond and Penny?! Why must you do this to us oh cruel writers?! So Desmond goes to pick up the rocker who got himself arrested on drug charges, and boy, Charlie Pace just is a gem of a man, isn’t he. Not even greeting Desmond, just walking right through the street to the bar across the way, called Jax. Was anyone else rooting for a car to hit him, or was that just me? Desmond follows him into the bar, and they talk. Apparently when Charlie swallowed the heroin on the flight and nearly died (rooting then too, but Jack had to save him) he saw himself with some beautiful blonde woman (anyone else think it’s Claire?), and it felt like memories that hadn’t happened yet, but it felt real, and so now all he wants is to find that love again. And he thinks that Jack is an idiot for saving him. Agreed. And he now doesn’t care about music, just seeing that vision again. Desmond informs him that he has a choice between continuing to sit there and drink and throw everything away, or coming with Desmond to the charity show and all its trappings. Charlie doesn’t think there’s much of a choice, but Desmond is convinced there is always a choice. 

Desmond and Charlie are now driving, probably to the show, and still talking about it, when a song comes on the radio. What song, you ask? Why, it’s freaking “You All, Everybody”, the song that started it all for Charlie’s band. Also known as the song that makes my ears bleed. Blah, blah, blah, Drive Shaft is awesome, and then Charlie offers Desmond a choice. He can either see what he’s been talking about, or get out of the car. I choose get out of the car. Then Charlie grabs Desmond’s hands and sends them straight into the water they have been driving along the whole time. Desmond is able to get himself free, but so far he can’t get Charlie freed. He swims up for air, goes back down, and Charlie puts his hand up against the glass against Desmond’s hand, and Desmond see’s it. It gives you goosebumps… “NOT PENNYS BOAT”. He just saw something he didn’t realize he knew. He gets Charlie out and they both get rushed to the hospital. Doctor decides that Desmond needs an MRI, so into the MRI machine he goes! And comes out about two minutes later, after having a bunch of flashes of him and Penny together, and seeing his son Charlie. He freaks out a little, it’s understandable. He runs out, looking for Charlie, and runs into Jack, until dodging out of the way of getting mowed down by Charlie in a hospital gown. Something I never needed to see. Desmond chases Charlie down, looks at both hands for signs of the “NOT PENNYS BOAT” on them, and asks him who’s Penny. Charlie tells him to stop wasting his time on him and start looking for Penny. After that, Charlie runs out, leaving Desmond to face the Widmores alone. He tells Charles first, who tells him that if he can get his wife to be okay with it, than all is forgiven. He next goes to where the benefit is being set up, and speaks with… 


Mrs. Eloise Widmore. Dude… And she seems pretty calm with the news that her musician ran off. Especially since everyone said that she was going to be the hardest to deal with. Thrilled to meet Desmond, but has to get back to this benefit. Desmond is walking by the guest list review, and he hears a name that pricks his ears up, Penelope Milton, solo. He tries to ge the guest list, but Mrs. Widmore stops him and pulls him aside, angrily explaining that he’s just not ready for that yet. Uuum… huh? So apparently in all universes, Eloise knows what’s going on. She kicks him out, and he gets in his limo to leave, when the young Mr. Widmore comes up to his window, wanting to talk. And we recognize him, too. It’s… Daniel Faraday, known in this universe as Daniel Widmore. He’s grown up with his father, and he was allowed to perfect his piano skills, and is now a good classical musician. But, a few days before, he had been at the museum and saw a woman who worked at the museum eating lunch, a red haired woman with blue, blue eyes (hmm, Charlotte, anyone?) and was struck with a feeling that he had loved her for a very long time, he just knew. And how that same night he had a dream and ended up writing some seriously complex physics equations that only someone who had been studying physics their whole lives could do. He thinks that the lives they are living might not be the lives they were supposed to lead, mentions a nuclear bomb, and corrects Desmond, who thinks he wants to set off one by saying “I don’t want to set off a nuclear bomb, Mr. Hume, I think I already did.” Basically meaning things need to change back. He then informs Desmond that the Penny he is looking for is his half sister, and he knows exactly where Desmond can find her. 

We’re now at a familiar stadium, and we see someone doing a tour de stade. Turns out it’s Penny, and Desmond is watching, waiting for her to finish so he can talk with her. She finishes, they introduce to each other, and Desmond shakes Penny’s hand and faints. 

Back on the Island. Desmond is waking up in the shack on Hydra Island. He’s alive, and Widmore’s team helps him up; it’s only been a few seconds that Desmond has been unconscious. He says he’s willing to help Widmore out, which is good, since Widmore thinks his talents for surviving electromagnetic blasts is important to them. Zoe and a couple other guys are walking Desmond back to the main building, and Scary Sayid jumps out of the bushes and attacks, dispatching two escorts and pointing his gun at Zoe and telling her to run. He tells Desmond that they are all very dangerous and he should come with him, which Desmond cooperatively does. 

Back to the world of alternates, apparently Desmond has fainted the moment he touched Penny, which obviously had a good effect on her. He asks her to go for coffee, and after convincing her that she doesn’t need to worry about not looking good or having just worked out, he fainted in front of her, she agrees to have coffee with him in an hour. Girl’s gotta clean up some. He heads back to his car, and tells Minkowski where to go to, and asks him to get him the Oceanic 815 manifest, he wants to show the people on the plane something. And… 


Great episode. Once Penny and Desmond found each other, I wasn’t too worried, they’ll always find each other. I still believe all Desmond episodes are good ones. And now I can’t wait to see him showing everybody. As long as he doesn’t crash their cars into the water. Des and Pen always! 

Everybody Loves Hugo 


Finally made it to this weeks episode! So lets do this thing. 

We start out with a very familiar voice narrating a slideshow of Hugo Reyes and the good things he has done since winning the lottery. Turns out that would be Dr. Pierre Chang, who we all knew from the Dharma Initiative. He’s now working at the Golden State Museum, and they’re opening a Paleontology Wing, that Hugo funded. Hugo gets a frosted dinosaur statue thing as an award, and guess who we get to see? Hoogo’s mom!!! Calling him Hoogo. Which is always the best. And apparently women do not love Hoogo, which drives her a little batty. So she arranged with Grandpa Tito’s neighbor’s daughter to go on a date with Hoogo.  Sounds like fun. 

Flash to the Island, Hurley is at Libby’s grave, replacing the old flower with a fresh one and talking to her about how he wishes he could see her again, and talk over everything that’s going on at the Island. Awwwww, I’ll admit it, I welled up a little bit during this scene. Ilana shows up to tell Hurley that they’re getting ready to go, and asks him about Libby, which gets the tearful explanation from Hurley. I always feel sad when he talks about this part. It sucked for Libby to die. Ana-Lucia, forgive me, but I wasn’t too upset, she got on my nerves. Sneer-say line-sneer was all she really did, as far as I saw. Anyways. So Ilana goes, and then we hear “whisper, whisper, whisper” and Michael shows up to yell at Hurley that letting the people blow up the plane is going to kill them all and he needs to stop them. And people around the world shout “WAAAAAAAAAAALT!!” the second he shows up. Or at least I do. And some of my friends do. Because it’s tradition to shout that when you see Walt or Michael. It’s why I can never marry a guy named Walt. I’d be looking for him and shouting “WAAAAAAALT!” or just shout it for the hell of it, his name is Walt. Yeah, getting side-tracked again. Sorry about that. So Michael tells him all that and then disappears. 

Back to the Sideways world. Hurley is at the restaurant waiting for Rosalita, his blind date, to show up. And then a woman is standing in front of his table, and he thinks it’s Rosalita. Turns out, it’s Libby, who wants to know if he believes that two people could be connected as soulmates. But before she can explain where she knows him from, a doctor, who, hey look! It’s Hurley’s doctor from Santa Rosa! The doctor takes Libby away, and Hugo follows him to the doors, and sees Libby get into a van from Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. Guess she’s still crazy. 

Back to the Island, Ilana comes in with the dynamite and is just slamming the bag around. Um, even before I knew what happened I had a feeling she was going to Dr. Artz all over the place… Hurley doesn’t want to go blow up the plane and is trying to convince her of it, not doing so great a job. She explains (again) that Jacob sent her here to protect the candidates, and this is how she’s going to do it, and starts slamming water bottles in on top of the dynamite. Um, Ilana… Still yelling at Hurley, when, 


And there goes Ilana… we now wait for Hurley to tell Jack “Dude, you got some Ilana on you.” reminiscent of Season 1 when Artz blew up in a similar fashion and some of Artz went on Jack’s shirt. Best. Line. Ever. Just as we all saw coming, Ilana went. RIP. 

Now we’re over to everyone’s favorite Dark Camp with FLocke, Scary Claire and Scary Sayid, although Scary Sayid is still on his mission. FLocke tells Sawyer that he needs Jack, Sun, and Hurley before he can get off the Island. And then Scary Sayid returns from his mission telling FLocke that he has the package (Desmond, remember?) a ways away. So they head out and find Desmond tied to a tree nearby. Desmond tells him that it’s pointless to tie him up, as there’s nowhere for him to run, which FLocke accepts as a great excuse to be freed, and so cuts Desmond’s bonds, and they head off for a talk. 

Back to Beach Camp Richard. Jack and Richard are arguing  about whether or not to go get more dynamite to blow up the plane. Hurley is looking through Ilana’s things, and finds the bag of Jacob’s ashes, which he decides to take into his possession. And it seems that the second he does, boom! There’s a new Hurley in town boys… He says that Richard has the right idea and they should all go to the Black Rock to get dynamite. Hmmm… 

Back to Sideways World, Hugo wants a bucket of chicken from his Mr. Cluck’s chicken restaurant, and he wants it family sized. Guess it’s a bad day… while he’s eating his chicken, Desmond sees him and starts talking to him, getting Hugo (by the way, everytime I go to type “Hugo” for sideways, I type “Hurley” first. So confusing, I’m sure.) to spill his story of running into Libby, and Desmond convinces him to go find her and get more information, and follow what his mind and gut is telling him. And then they call Desmond’s order number, 42, of course. Is there any other number for him? Well, maybe 4, 8, 15, 16, or 23… 

Back to FLocke and Desmond traipsing through the jungle. They talk about why Desmond is so important (he just survived another electromagnetic blast) and who each other is. Because we haven’t seen people doing that before… 

And now Camp Richard by the Sea has moved inland and they’re all hiking to the Black Rock, with Ben pointing out that Ilana, who was hand picked by Jacob, was offed as soon as the Island was done with him. And now he wonders what’s going to happen to them. Jeez, Ben, ominous much? Just then, they arrive close to the Black Rock, and Jack and Richard realize that Hurley isn’t with them, until they hear him shouting for everyone to run, and then the Black Rock explodes. The Black Rock, which has survived so much, finally is now just a pile of smoldering ruins. Dang. And Richard is looking pretty pissed that he did that… Miles comes up and asks Hurley why he did that, and Hurley simply responds “So Michael will stop yelling at me.” Because all the dead people are yelling at Hurley. Boy, that must be fun. 

Back into the land of Sideways time. Hugo is talking with Dr. Brooks, he wants to talk to Libby. When he has trouble convincing the doctor, he uses money to get him there. He’ll pay for some work to be done on the gnarly rec room. And now he gets to talk to Libby, who explains to him that they were both in a plane crash, which landed on some island. And she remembered all of these after seeing his Mr. Cluck’s ad. Oh, and Libby is in the mental hospital of her own free will. Hugo asks her to go out with him on a date, if she can get a day pass. Yay! They finally get to go on their picnic! 

And we’re back to traipsing about with FLocke and Desmond. FLocke thinks the Island “has it out” for Desmond. And then guess who we see? Mystery Island Boy, again (he last popped up in Recon), but now instead of the light blonde hair that was so noticable, we have him with dark brown hair, again, very noticable. Hmmmmmm. And Desmond can see him. But this time, FLocke doesn’t chase him through the jungle, he just tells Desmond to ignore him. Weird. By the way, if you check on www.lostpedia.com, the Mystery Island Boy is played by the same actor both appearances. Is he wearing a wig on one episode? Weird stuff… 

Over in another part of the Jungle, Richard and Hurley are debating what to do. Richard wants to hit up New Otherton and pick up their grenades and such, while Hurley wants them to go to FLocke’s camp, and claims Jacob is talking to him. Richard ain’t buying it. And by the end of the discussion Camp Richard by the Sea has been split into two new camps, Camp Richard to New Otherton and Camp Hurley to FLocke. Miles and Ben head off with Richard, and Lapidus, Jack, and Sun head with Hurley. 

Hurley and them are traipsing around to get to FLocke’s camp, Sun questioning in her now silent way if they were doing the right thing. Hurley tells Jack that Hurley didn’t actually talk to him, he just made that up. Jack’s forgiving and they keep moving, till hearing the whispers. Hurley thinks he has an idea of what the whispers are, and goes off to search. He shouts for Michael, who manifests in front of him, and we get an answer we’ve been searching for for SIX seasons! Apparently the whispers are the people who have died on the Island (or off, in the case of Isabella and Ben’s mother and Christian, to name a few) and can’t move on.  Hmmmmm… I kinda had guessed that a while back, but it’s good to have an answer. Wonder if that means I’ll get to see Boone or maybe even Keamy again. I’d love that. Michael also tells him to tell Libby he’s so sorry, if Hurley ever sees him again, and where FLocke’s camp is. 

Sideways time. Hugo and Libby are on the picnic they never had on the Island. Libby remarks how it just feels right to be there with him. He tells her that he wants to remember her, and wonders why she likes him, and she says that she does, it feels right. And then kisses him, and wham! Hugo gets all sorts of memories from their time on the Island, and tells her he remembers things now, relieving Libby, because that means she’s not crazy. And a little ways away, Desmond watches with a satisfied look on his face. That one is done, I guess. 

Island again, FLocke has Desmond at a well, and explains it as being dug to find out why the people who dug it had their compasses pointing wrong when they stood over the spot. And the people never found the answer. Anyone else have a feeling that Desmond is about to go down this well (I said this before I saw what happened…)? FLocke then asks Desmond why he isn’t scared to be there, alone, no one knows where he is, and FLocke could just kill him or push him DOWN THE WELL! By this time, I’m shouting at Desmond to back the hell away from FLOcke and the well!!! Desmond tells FLocke that he doesn’t see a point of being afraid. And then FLocke pushes him down the well. Premonition comes true! Crap. FLocke goes back to camp and meets up with Camp Hurley, and greets Jack, who has had yet to see him back from the dead. Love the looks exchanged between the two. 

And in sideways world, Desmond is at a school watching what’s going on, and watching substitute teacher Locke wheel his way around. Dr. Linus comes over and asks him what he’s doing, and he says he’s just observing, he’s new to the area and wants to find a school for his son, Charlie… like Charlie in the regular timeline! Then he pulls out of the lot, and in a move I honestly did not expect, accelerates right at Locke and hits him hard with his car. And then drives away, leaving Locke broken and bleeding on the pavement (boy, that happens a lot. Poor Locke). Dr. Linus runs up and they call for an ambulance, and then: 


I liked this episode. While some parts were expected (the well, Ilana’s death) there were some sweet moments for Hurley and Libby, and a serious WHAAAA moment with Desmond hitting Locke. Why did he do it? To give him memories of the Island? To get revenge on FLocke for pushing him down the well? To keep FLocke from leaving the Island? Okay, I haven’t worked the last one out yet… but, look at this side-by-side comparison of Locke after falling 8 stories, and Locke after being hit by a car: 




They look almost exactly the same. Granted, Locke has hair in the original timeline, but the cuts are in the same place and everything… weird. 

Great episode, and I got this all done the day before the new one! Yay. Until next time.


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