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LOST Unanswered Questions

So over the past six seasons LOST has given us many questions. And so far, not all of them have been answered. I found a list somewhere before this past season started with all the questions that have not been answered from Seasons 1-5, and now every week after LOST, I go over that list to see if we’ve got anything. We’ve gotten some good answers, and some “whaaa? that’s it?” answers, but hey, an answer is an answer. Going to post the questions and answers (if there is one) here. Because I’m bored today.

LOST Unanswered Questions

The Island

  • Was Locke really healed by the Island? Or was he healed by Jacob or the Man in Black?
  • Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and Michael once saw an enormous green-colored bird swoop out of a tree towards them and Hurley thought that the bird said his name (right before it “crapped gold” according to Sawyer). What kind of bird was this and did it really say Hurley’s name?
  • Were there any permanent consequences to the Island when the Swans failsafe was activated and the sky turned purple? Was the electromagnetic pocket of energy beneath the Island destroyed by the failsafe or made dormant?
  • What does the frozen wheel do, mechanically speaking, to make the Island move? Does it access the electromagnetic energy pocket somehow? What’s behind the wheel that generated the bright yellow light? Why is it so cold in the underground chamber where the Island moving wheel is housed? The wheel looks like a man-made device, so who made it and put it there? (These two parts got answered, the bright yellow light is apparently what is “in every man” and good old MiB put the light there, or at least came up with the plan. 05/12/10)
  • Since turning the wheel beneath the Orchid Station sends one to the Tunisian desert, it stands to reason that the polar bear Charlotte found in Tunisia wearing a Dharma Initiative collar must also have turned the wheel at some point and that’s how it wound up there. What and when wer the circumstances surrounding the polar bear that turned the wheel and moved the Island? Who was responsible for this and why?
  • Why were the Oceanic survivors, the Freighter folk, and Juliet affected by the Islands time jumps, yet the Others were not?
  • Why was Sun left behind in the present on Ajira 316, when all of the other Oceanic 6 were transported through time to the past?
  • Why would the Island let Ben come back after he left, but not Widmore?
  • Who built the Tunnels under the Island? Do the Tunnels run all over (under) the Island? What else is down there?

Jacob and the Man in Black

  • Who is Jacob and how did he come to be on the Island? (Jacob is the keeper of that light thing, and the protector of the Island until his death. He came to the Island when his mother crashed there pregnant with him and then gave birth to him and his brother a few hours or days later. He was raised by a crazy surrogate mother. 05/12/10)
  • Who is the Man in Black, a.k.a. Jacob’s Nemesis? (MiB is Jacobs twin brother, who just wants to leave the Island and go home, the home he was told of by his birth mother. 05/12/10)
  • How did the Man in Black come to be on the Island? (He came to the Island when his mother crashed there pregnant with him and then gave birth to him and his brother a few hours or days later. He was raised by a crazy surrogate mother. 05/12/10)
  • What is the nature of Jacob and the Man in Blacks yin/yang – type relationship? And why can’t they kill each other? (They are brothers, one the protector of the Island and one trying to leave. Their relationship is strained because of Jacob not allowing him to leave the Island and MiB’s actual death. They can’t kill each other because their adoptive mother made it so they could never harm each other. 05/12/10)
  • Can Jacob see the future?
  • Jacob is apparently responsible for bringing everyone to the Island that gets to it. How does Jacob bring people to the Island? (This one seems to have been partially answered, with the names on the dial at the Lighthouse, and when you stop on the number next to their name, you see an image in the mirror. This could possibly be part of the process. I counted out the names scratched out at the caves, because that could possibly be MiB territory.)
  • Why did Jacob touch so many of the castaways in the past? Why did he choose them and what did his touch cause to happen? Is he the reason they escaped the crash of Oceanic 815 unharmed? (This one could possibly be a partial answer, with his touch made them a candidate.)
  • Did Jacob touch anyone else in the same way?
  • Why did Jacob give Hurley a guitar case to bring back to the Island? What’s inside it? (This one was answered, it was a large wooden ankh with a note inside it, telling the Temple Others their names and of their importance, it was what got them into the Temple.)
  • Why does the Man in Black want to kill Jacob? (I think this one was answered in the Richard episode, he wants to kill him because as long as Jacob is alive, the MiB can’t get off the Island.)
  • If Jacob hasn’t been living in the cabin, who has? The Man in Black? Is this who Ben and Locke encountered the day they visited the cabin?
  • How did the Man in Black take on Locke’s form? Can he assume the form of anyone if he wants, or does it have to be through a dead person?
  • What all did the Man in Black “go through” to get to Jacob?
  • Who is Jacob referring to when he warned the Man in Black that “they’re coming”? (This might be answered with it being Ilana and Co., but I’m not sure, so I haven’t marked this off as answered.)
  • Who or what is Christian Shephard? Does he really speak for Jacob, or is he an instrument of the Man in Black? (We got this one last night [04/20/10], Christian Shephard was the MiB. Knew it!)

The Smoke Monster

  • What is the Smoke Monster? (I think this is another partial answer, Smokie is the MiB. But as to what he is in smoke form, I got nothin’.)
  • Is the Monster technological or supernatural? (As of last night’s episode he looked pretty damn supernatural to me. 05/12/10)
  • Why does the Monster kill certain people — like Mr. Eko, Captain Norris of Oceanic 815, and Nadine of the French Science Expedition — while leaving others it encounters alive? What’s different about those it kills?
  • The Monster sometimes calls up images of people’s pasts before it passes judgment on them. How is the Monster able to do this?
  • What exactly happened to Montand and the other Frenchmen beneath the Temple? Did the Monster change them, as Danielle believed? Did it kill them and take their place?
  • How did draining the water out of that tiny hole below Ben’s house summon the Smoke Monster? Who built the Monster-summoning hole there to begin with?
  • Since we’ve seen other dead people (like Locke) on the Island before, such as Alex Rousseau, Yemi, who very likely were the Smoke Monster taken human form, does this mean that the Man in Black is the Smoke Monster? Could they be one and the same? (Hey, we got the answer to this one! Straight from MiB’s mouth! And seeing FLocke turn into Smokie.)

The Egyptian Statue

  • Why are there Egyptian-style hieroglyphs all over the Island? Who put them there?
  • Why was an enormous state of an Egyptian fertility goddess (Tawaret) erected on the Island? And why did Jacob choose to live beneath it? Did Jacob build it, or was someone else responsible? When was it built and how was it destroyed? (Well, we know it was destroyed by the Black Rock smashing into it on a big wave, but that’s it)
  • Is there a link between the Exit’s location in Tunisia and the Island’s Egyptian influences?

The “Adam and Eve” Skeletons

  • Who are the Adam and Eve Skeletons? Are they characters we know? (Okay this hasn’t been answered yet, but we got a question from Hurley about them. Anyone else think that they’re Bernard and Rose from 1970’s? Looks like they’re the Original MiB and Jacob and his crazy Mama. We know them, but only sort of. Adam we have known for a few seasons, Eve we just met last night, and saw her die. 05/12/10)
  • How did they die? Was it, as the castaways guessed, 40 or 50 years ago? (MiB died by going into the Light and Smokie took over, Eve died by being stabbed through the gut by MiB. And it was waaaaaay more than 40 or 50 years ago. Looks like Jack got that one wrong. 05/12/10)
  • Why was one of them carrying 2 stones, one white and one black? (Jacob put the two stones from the game they had played all their lives together in the pouch with Adam. 05/12/10)

The Numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)

  • Are the numbers really cursed? Do they have power?
  • Who sent the transmission from the Island heard by Leonard Simms and Sam Toomey at the Navy listening post in the Pacific? And why?

The Whispers

  • What are the Whispers? (We got that one last night, courtesy of Michael. The Whispers are the dead people trapped on the Island. Ironic that Michael, who was known for all his “WAAAAAAALT!” calls is now reduced to a Whisper-er.)
  • The Whispers always seem to proceed an appearance by the Others or the Smoke Monster. What’s the connection?

The Black Rock

  • How did the Black Rock get beached so far inland on the Island? (We got that one. The same massive wave that helped the Black Rock take out the Statue was the one that beached it so far in.)
  • A journal belonging to the Black Rock’s first mate found its way to Madagascar after the ship wrecked on the Island. How did it get there?
  • Tovard Hanso found to Black Rock journal in Madagascar and kept its contents secret for over a century. Is this journal how Alvar Hanso found out about the Island and decided to send the Dharma Initiative there?
  • Why did the Hanso family suddenly decide to sell the Black Rock journal in 1996 after years of keeping it a family secret?
  • Richard Alpert constructed a model of a ship in a bottle that looked like the Black Rock. Does he have a connection to the Black Rock? Was he one of the crew-members? (We got this answer. He was a slave being transported in the hold of the Black Rock.)

The Incident

  • Does “The Incident” refer to the electromagnetic pocket being breached or the hydrogen bomb being detonated? Or both?
  • What happened when Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb? Did it reset time? Did it destroy the Island?
  • How did Richard watch Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Sawyer, Juliet, and Miles, die? Did he witness the hydrogen bomb explosion?

The Temple

  • What is the purpose of the Temple? What happens there? Is it for worshipping someone or something? (We sort of learned this one. It is refuge and healing, so far.)
  • Who built the Temple and when?
  • Why is the Temple a secret to be kept from outsiders?
  • What happened to young Ben when Richard carried him inside the Temple? Why did it cause Ben’s memory to be erased and his innocence to be lost? (We can figure that he was dipped in the pool a few times, but as to the memory and innocence, I got nothin’. Looks to me that what happened to them was the Light affected them and made them different. 05/12/10)

The Purge

  • Why did the Others wipe out the Dharma Initiative? Relations between the two groups were always tense, but what pushed the Others to take an action as extreme as massacre?

The Dharma Initiative

  • Does the Dharma Initiative still exist today off the Island?
  • Who is the “very clever fellow” working for the Dharma Initiative who figured out how to find the Island and built the Lamp Post Station?
  • Is it mere coincidence that the Dharma Initiative built the Barracks over the place where the Others buried the hydrogen bomb?

The Dharma Food Drops

  • Who made the Dharma food drops?
  • How often do the food drops take place?
  • The Swan Station went into lockdown mode coinciding with the timing of the food drop. Why would the Swan need to be locked down when a food drop was being conducted?
  • Locke suggested that the Swan was locked down so that the Dharma workers couldn’t see who was dropping the food palette. Is this the reason for the lockdown? If so, why would the source of the food drop want to remain anonymous?
  • Was Eko right about the salted circle on the ground above the Pearl Station being made a visible target for planes to see? Could the circle be the intended target of the Dharma food drops?

Island Pregnancy

  • What’s causing pregnant women to die on the Island?
  • Amy Goodspeed was able to carry her baby to full term and deliver successfully, so the problem got started after 1977. When did the pregnancy problem start? (I used to think it was when the Statue was destroyed, but that theory’s thrown out the window!)

The Volcano

  • Where is the Island’s volcano?
  • When in the Island’s past did it erupt?
  • Is the volcano now dormant?


  • According to psychic Richard Malkin, “danger surrounds” Aaron and he requires her protection and influence as he grows. Why? What did Malkin see in Claire’s reading? What was so dire about Aaron’s future that Malkin would go to extreme lengths to arrange for Claire to be on Oceanic 815 to ensure that she alone would raise her son?
  • Why was Miles so interested in Claire? Did Something about her set off his abilities as a medium? Is Claire dead, having not survived the explosion of her house at the Barracks?
  • What’s become of Claire? Why did she go with Christian to Jacob’s cabin and leave her baby behind? (We now know what happened to Claire, she’s become Dark Claire, and was on the Island for three years alone, like Rousseau 2.0, and tortured in the Temple a little. And befriended by the MiB, who made her believe that the Others had Aaron. I don’t think we know about why she went with Christian.)
  • Why didn’t Christian want Locke to tell anybody he saw Claire at the Cabin? Why does Claire’s status need to be kept a secret?
  • Why did Claire tell Kate not to bring Aaron back to the Island?

Richard Alpert

  • How and when did Richard originally come to the Island? (He came by the Black Rock in the year 1867.)
  • What did Jacob do to Richard to cause him to stop aging? (They made a deal, and in return, Jacob, with his I guess we’d call ’em powers, made him ageless.)
  • How old is Richard? (Well, I don’t know the exact math here, but he looked to be in his mid-thirties, early forties in 1867, so about 180, give or take a few years, I think. I’m no good at math, so if you want to correct me, go ahead.)


  • Why was Libby a patient at Santa Rosa Mental Hospital? (Well, if we go with the why from the Alt. timeline, she checked herself in for delusions.)
  • Why did Libby hide the fact that she was at Santa Rosa from Hurley — and that she remembered him from there? Did she have ulterior motives for her budding relationship with him?
  • Was Desmond’s chance encounter with Libby really so random? She was awfully trusting and willing to believe in a man she didn’t know and give him her husbands boat. Was there more to this meeting than it seems?


  • Who is Ilana? What is her history with Jacob? (Ilana was around to protect the candidates, and Jacob was the closest thing she ever had to a father.)
  • What happened to Ilana in the past that gave her a severe head wound? How did she fully recover? Jacob?
  • What did Jacob need Ilana’s help with? (To protect the candidates.)

Pierre Chang

  • Why does Dr. Chang go by a different name in every Dharma Orientation video?
  • Chang selected the site of the Orchid Station based on his knowledge of the pocket’s “unlimited power” beneath the site. How did he know ahead of time where to build the Orchid?
  • Did Chang recognized the wooden wheel buried beneath the Orchid Station when he saw it on the sonar? Does he know what it is and who put it there?
  • Is Pierre Chang really dead in the present? Did he die on the Island? Did he die in the Purge?

Eloise Hawking

  • How is Eloise able to know the future?
  • Why was Eloise in a photo on Brother Campbell’s desk? How do they know each other?
  • What did Eloise mean when she said the Island “isn’t finished yet” with Desmond?
  • Why would Eloise send her son to the Island knowing he would die by her own hand? What could be so vitally important to the fate of the Island that Eloise would sacrifice her own son to see it done?
  • Eloise said to Penny, “For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.” If she’s able to see the future, why has she suddenly lost that ability?

Charles Widmore

  • If Matthew Abaddon is the reason Locke went to Australia for his walkabout and Abaddon works for Widmore… does this mean that Widmore knew Oceanic 815 was going to crash on the Island and he arranged for Locke to be on it?
  • The Oceanic Airlines employees take orders from Widmore. Does he own Oceanic?
  • Charles Widmore knew of Paik Industries and even mentioned that he played golf regularly with Sun’s father. Are these two powerful men merely business associates or do they share a deeper connection?

Sayid’s Vendetta

  • Who is responsible for Nadia’s death? Widmore? Ben? Was it just a random crime?
  • Who was the man stationed outside of Santa Rosa Mental Institute waiting for Hurley? Who did he work for?
  • Who were the men waiting at Sayid’s hotel room, intent on killing him and Hurley? Who did they work for?


  • How is Walt “different”? What’s the extent of his abilities?
  • What became of Ben’s childhood friend Annie? Was she killed during the Purge or had she left the Island by then?
  • Harper insinuated that Juliet was favored by Ben because she “looked just like her.” Which “her” was Harper referring to? Ben’s mother? His childhood friend Annie? (I’ve checked around, most people say she has a resemblance to Annie.)
  • If Frank Lapidus was originally supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815, why was he replaced by Seth Norris? (He overslept that morning. Island got him anyways.)

And there you go. All the unanswered questions from the list I found. I can’t remember the name of the blog it was on, but if anyone knows, please tell me. I want to give proper credit. Until I can find out, mystery blogger, my OCD nature loved how your list was all divided in categories and everything in them seemed pretty chronological. You rock!

Back to work on the recap post.

Update 04/21/10: We got one more answer last night in The Last Recruit, slowly getting there! Christian was a form of Smokie. I’ve been saying that since he made noises that sounded smoke monster like back in Season 1 Episode 4 The White Rabbit.

Update 05/12/12: More answers about Jacob, MiB, their crazazy ass mama, and Adam and Eve!


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