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Ab Aeterno and The Package

So… LOST the past few weeks. Man it has been good. Or at least I thought it was. So good that it’s taken me this long to get the post up. We got to learn about Richard! We got answers! We still don’t freaking know the MiB’s real name! We got to see Keamy! Jin and Sun! Desmond showed up! I’m talking in exclamation points!

Ab Aeterno

So we start out with an opening eye, the classic LOST opening. It’s Ilana, and she’s back in the Russian hospital from her flashback, and heeeeeere’s Jacob. We find out what Jacob needed Ilana’s help with, she was there to protect the remaining 6 candidates to replace him.

Back to the present day, and we’re at Camp Losties by the Beach. Ilana, Miles, Sun, Lapidus, Hurley, Jack, & Ben are around the campfire telling ghost stories… I mean, discussing what move to make next in the fight against FLocke, and Richard is sitting a little ways away. Ageless wonders apparently aren’t in the cool kids club at this camp. Jack and Ilana both think that Richard will know what to do, but before he storms over to Jack to inform them that they’re all in hell and dead, he emits a little giggle, showing them that they’re very wrong, he has no frikkin’ clue. He then starts a rant, saying how Jacob has been lying and wrong all along, and it’s time they started listening to someone else before storming off with a torch into the jungle. While Ben tells Jack that Richard is going to find FLocke, Hurley starts talking in Spanish to the air, although Jack assumes it’s to Jacob, until Hurley convinces him that he’s wrong. Ben then says that he’s known Richard since he was a boy, and when Lapidus thinks they grew up together, he explains that Richard has never aged for as long as he has known him. We have a shot of Richard storming through the jungle, and then here that familiar flashback whoosh that hasn’t been heard in a while.

Now we’re in the Canary Islands in 1867. Richard is riding a horse through jungle on his way home to his very sick wife. He gets to her bed, and she has a fever and is coughing a lot of blood up. Uuum, I might not be a doctor or anything, but coughing up blood always seems like a bad sign to me… at least on tv. Richard decides to ride for the doctor, worrying about money, and Isabella gives him her gold crucifix necklace, hoping it will help pay. Before he leaves, she tells him that they will always be together, and kisses him, and he goes. Richard rides hard through a rainy night to get to the doctor, and when he gets there, the doctor says he will not come, it is a bad night and a long ride (um, great doctor there, totally in it for saving lives), but he does have some expensive medicine that will help. Richard gives him the money and the cross and is told it is not enough and the cross is worthless. Hate it when the things you think are worth something really aren’t. A scuffle ensues, the kind where Richard accidentally pushes the doctor hard into a table and he cracks his head open and dies. But hey, Richard has the meds now, even though the servant of the doctor saw him. He rides back to Isabella, only to find her dead with their Bible in her arms. He weeps over her for a few moments, before the constabulary busts in and arrests him for murder. It was an accident! Richard is sitting in jail, reading his Bible, his English Bible, when Father Suarez comes in to take his confession. Father notices the Bible is in English and asks why, learning that Richard and Isabella were learning English so they could go to the New World. Richard then confesses for accidentally killing the doctor, and asks for forgiveness, which the priest denies, saying murder cannot be forgiven, only made up for with a lifetime of penance, and since they’re going to hang Richard in the morning, there’s no time for him, so the devil awaits him in hell. Uuuum, does this sound like a priest who wants to get some money somehow by terrifying Richard of hell and no forgiveness to anyone else? Yes murder is bad, but even if we do something, once we ask, and are truly sorry, aren’t we forgiven? Hmmmm. Okay, not veering off here, the priest just bugs me with that (and yes, I know that not all are like the character. Don’t worry.). The next day Father Suarez and some other men come, blindfold Richard, and appear to be leading him to death, when it turns out they’re actually leading him to a guy who wants to buy him as a slave bound for the New World. Hey… Father Suarez gets the money, Richard has a lifetime of penance, sounds like my suspicions of this one priest might be right… just this one priest. Mr. Jonas Whitfield examines Richard, and asks him if he speaks English. When it is determined that he does and is strong for the New World, Whitfield tosses Suarez some money and pronounces Richard the property of Magnus Hanso. Hey, Hanso! That sounds familiar…

It’s now a stormy rainy night, with a close up of a ship. Hey, wait a second… it’s THE BLACK ROCK!!! And it’s hold is filled with slaves, one of them being our very own Richard. All the slaves are looking through the small holes on the ship wall to see what’s going on outside, when, what? what’s that we see?

Holy Crap! It’s the statue!! But the slaves all think that the Island is guarded by the Devil. It’s not, boys. Not this time…

And now we finally find out how the statue was destroyed, the Black Rock smashed into it on one massive tidal wave. And we also see how the Black Rock got stranded so far inland… that massive tidal wave. All the people wake up in the hold, and start shouting at the survivors on deck to come rescue them. We see Mr. Whitfield come down and start running the slaves through, one by one. Boy, they must have enjoyed knowing what was coming. He explains why when Richard asks, saying they don’t have many supplies and there are only a few officers, and if they let the slaves go, how long would it be before they killed the officers? And just as he’s about to finish Richard, what? what’s that noise that we hear? Oh, it’s our good friend Smokie, here to save Richard! He finishes all the guys on deck, and blood drips onto Whitfield, before coming down through the grate thing and grabbing Whitfield and smashing him into it, killing him too. He then “scans” Richard, and leaves. Richard might need some new pants now… We see Richard trying to free himself for a while, Isabella comes to him, and then disappears with Smokie sounds in the distance. And then finally, when Richard has lost his nail to free him thanks to a boar, and he’s just lying there, we see the good ol’ MiB come and free him with a key, after getting him to agree to help him “kill the devil”. And, “it’s good to see you out of those chains”. That sound familiar to anyone else? Richard is now devouring a roasted pig, because lets face it, the guy hasn’t eaten in some time, I’d probably devour too. MiB tells him where he needs to go to kill the Devil, along with how to do it, and it’s very important to not let him speak, otherwise it won’t work. Richard goes to the now destroyed statue, and Jacob attacks him before he can stab him, and guess what, Jacob isn’t the Devil after all! They fight, and Jacob dunks Richard in the ocean a few times to prove to him that he’s not dead, until Richard begs him to stop because he wants to live! They then settle down, have a little wine, and talk about things. We learn the Island is like a cork that keeps evil in the bottle, and if the cork is gone, then the evil will spread around the world. And who is evil? MiB? Then Jacob offers Richard a job as the mediator between him and those who he brings to the Island, after telling Richard he has brought people to the Island before, but they all died. In exchange Richard first asks for his Isabella back, but Jacob can’t do that; he then asks for his sins to be forgiven so he won’t go to hell, but Jacob can’t do that; and then he asks to not die and live forever, so he won’t go to hell, and Jacob can do that. Finally, we know why Richard doesn’t get older.

Sometime later, Richard brings the knife and a white rock back to the MiB, letting him know he is following Jacob now. MiB tells him that if he ever changes his mind and decides to follow him, he will welcome him, and the offer will always stand. He then gives him Isabella’s cross, and disappears. Richard takes the cross and buries it, a farewell for him to his beloved wife.

Present day again- Richard has been storming through the jungle all night and gets to that spot where he buried Isabella’s cross so long ago, and digs it up, then shouts to MiB “I changed my mind!” Hurley appears from the bushes, he’s been following Richard the entire time. Nicely done on the tracking and not being spotted, I’d totally have been caught by Richard right away… Richard starts yelling at Hurley until Hurley shouts at him “your wife sent me!” then he shuts up and listens. Isabella wants to know why Richard buried her cross, and then through Hurley, the two of them have a conversation, with her telling him that her death wasn’t his fault and he’s suffered long enough thinking that. She reminds him that she’s always there, and he tells her he misses her. After their parting words, Hurley tells him there’s one more thing she said, he has to stop the MiB from leaving the Island, or they all are going to hell. And a little ways away is everyone’s favorite FLocke, who had come to Richard because of his call. Looks like he at least saw the little exchange, and might have heard some of it too…

Flashback- MiB is sitting and looking at an area of the Island, flipping the white rock in his hands. Jacob comes up and they talk, with Jacob reminding him that he can’t leave the Island as long as he is alive (the first he being the MiB, the second being Jacob), and that is why the MiB wants to find his loophole and kill Jacob so badly. Jacob says there would just be another to replace him, but the MiB says he’ll just kill them too. Jacob gets up to leave, but gives MiB the bottle of wine to “pass the time”, and then says “see you around”. The MiB takes the bottle, and after Jacob leaves says “sooner than you think” and then smashes the bottle. Aaaand… LOST.

So glad there were things learned. I liked this episode for the fact that Richards mysterious past has been cleared up some, along with some Island things. Okay. Next episode!

The Package

Yes, I know, this picture isn’t from The Package. But I couldn’t find the one that I wanted from that episode, so I just put this in. Because he makes good eggs…

So. The Package. Freaking great episode. Minus the fact that Sun and Jin aren’t married. But at least they’re together and all. And hello, Keamy was in it!

So we start out at MiB’s camp, through night vision goggles. And then FLocke walks over to convince Jin that he needs to stay here and let FLocke bring Sun to him. Jin decides he’ll wait, but only really seems to mean it once Sawyer promises they won’t leave until Sun is with them (good God, can they just friggin’ reunite the two already? It’s been two and a half seasons!).

Alternate realityville. We’re back at LAX, and Sun is waiting for Jin, who has just come back from talking with the Customs officer about his $25,000 that he forgot to declare. And they’ve taken it. You know, I’ve never had anything taken from me by TSA people, but I’m guessing losing $25,000 isn’t a very fun thing. Especially if your boss is like Mr. Paik is. He scares me. Jin and Sun get to the hotel, since Jin missed his meeting with the important client, and the clerk assumes that the room reserved is for both of them. Until Jin protests and tells him they’re not married. Um… WHAT?! Jin and Sun not married? Is there no kindness in the universe? Is EVERYTHING turned upside down?! Sorry… It just strikes me as so wrong. Clerk sees his error and finds the reservation for Jin. They’re in separate rooms, and it’s all settled. Wrong, completely wrong. But settled. No marriage of those two. Did you ever?

Back to the Island and regular time. Sayid comments to FLocke that he now feels nothing, no happiness, anger, pain. Absolutely nothing. FLocke sympathizes a little, and then tells him he’ll be gone for a while, so please watch the camp with you and your numb self. Sorry, little sleepy today, so things I say might come out strange. Practically no sooner has FLocke left than the camp is under attack, little darts whizzing everywhere and sticking to everyone,  knocking them all out. Widmore’s team comes up and grabs Jin, most likely to take him back to Hydra Island, further separating Sun and Jin, they aren’t even on the same damn island anymore (yes, I really want them to be reunited. Like, next episode, please).

Beach Camp. In case there weren’t enough locations, we got another. Ilana’s cleaning a gun, Miles and Lapidus are playing cards, and they’re all waiting for Richard and Hurley to return. Ben doesn’t think he’ll be back any time soon, Ilana thinks that Hurley will get him back, as he’s been tracking him, and Miles claims that “unless Alpert’s covered in bacon grease, I don’t think Hurley can track anything.” Why hello old Miles. Mr. Sarcasm. Man, it’s good to see you again, I was missing the one-liners. Keep it up, please. Lapidus asks him to not mention anything about bacon, please. You’re making him hungry Miles. Sun walks off, she’s really getting tired of waiting (dammit, she wants to find Jin, and I want her to as well, so lets do this thing! Find him! Reunite them!) and she heads to her garden and weeds. Hey, girls got to keep her stress down. Of course, Jack follows her, and wants to talk destiny, but Sun would rather be alone right now. So he leaves. Jack does have his smart moments.

Alternate Realityville, there’s a knock on Sun’s hotel door, and it’s Jin. It’s probably night, and he wants to go find that client that he couldn’t meet with earlier, and deliver the watch and try to explain the $25,000. Sun says it’s late, just wait a few more hours and it’ll be okay. Then Jin says that she’s just there for a shopping trip, why should it matter. Dude, you just pissed her off a little. She asks what he means, but he tells her he’s glad that she’s there in the end, and then she mentions the “button your sweater” incident from the plane, and unbuttons the top button of her sweater again, asking if he wants her to buttoning it up again. He doesn’t, shocking. This continues and then we see that no, they’re not married, but they sure do like each other. Enough to go at it, at least.

Island, Sun is still at her garden, and she cuts herself on some weeds, and all of the sudden, hey look, it’s FLocke! He wants her to come with him, Jin is at his camp… um, no he’s not, but he may not know that right now. He tries to convince her, doesn’t want her to do anything against her will, offers her a hand to get up, and Sun runs like hell to get away from that guy. So would I. And then, wham! She smacks her head hard on a branch, knocks herself out, and he leaves, I guess. Ben finds her and she’s rattling off Korean, Ben not understanding her at all, until he asks who did this to her, and she manages to say “Locke”.

Alternate Realityville. Jin and Sun spent the night together, and Sun wakes up with a happy smile on her face. She talks of running away together, telling him she has money in a bank account her father doesn’t know of. Jin does want to be with her, and just as she’s about to tell him something important, there’s a knock on the door. And… it’s…


KEAMY!!!! Yes, I am happy to see him. So Keamy (yay!) pushes his way into the hotel room, telling Sun he works with her father, and he wants his watch. She gets him the watch, and then he wants to know where Jin is with his $25,000. Do not keep money from this man. He gets pissed when that happens. Anyone else remember what happened to Omer? Sayids brother? That was bad… of course, that money might have already been paid, but who knows. He then spots the two champagne glasses, and as Omar, his associate (different from Omer, Sayids brother.), walks in saying Jin wasn’t in his hotel room, he tells him to check the bathroom. And hey look, Jin was there. He asks Jin where the money is, and Jin tells him that it’s gone, but he tells him in Korean, so Keamy doesn’t know what he’s saying. He asks Omar to get Danny’s friend Mikhail, who can speak nine languages, so he can translate. Mikhail, known also as Patchy, the guy who won’t ever die? And Danny’s friend? Who’s Danny. People were wondering if it’s Daniel Faraday, but I’m not so sure about that. I’m leaning more towards Danny Pickette, the Other who kept beating the crap out of Sawyer when he, Jack, and Kate were in captivity. And then Keamy tells Sun and Jin to get dressed.

Back to FLocke’s camp, and FLocke is not happy at what he finds at camp. Everyone knocked out by the darts, and Jin gone. Good job Scary Sayid. He leaves you in charge and you let Jin go and everyone get darted. FLocke isn’t most pleased. Although Sayid can’t really be blamed, he got hit with the dart too.

And over to the Hydra Island, where Jin is being kept in a kind of room, that looks a lot like Room 23. And when he flips the big switch and the lights flash and music blares and stuff appears on the screen, hey look, it is Room 23! The text we see flash on the screen this time are “We are the causes of our own suffering.” and “Everything changes.” Zoe comes into the room to talk to him, but Jin would like to leave. She stun guns him though, and he now won’t be going anywhere for the moment. So they look at the maps that are made of the Island, showing the pockets of electromagnetic energy, drawn up during the time of the Dharma Initiative, by a one Jin-Soo Kwon. And Zoe would like to know who that one Jin-Soo Kwon is so they can talk it over. *Raises hand* I know who he is! He’s sitting right next to you, Zoe! But Jin would like to talk to her boss first, please. And thankfully, Widmore wants to talk to Jin, too.

Flash back over to Camp FLocke with counsellors Scary Claire and Scary Sayid, FLocke wants Sayid to swim over to Hydra Island, while he takes the outrigger over to talk to Widmore. Sawyer wonders why FLocke can’t just go over in his Smokie form, but FLocke can’t do that. Because you know, that would be ridiculous.

And we’re back into the world of alternate reality. Keamy likes his watch and all, but he really wants that money. Guy needs his $25,000 (he’s going to spend it on me, just so you know… so sure on that one. NOT! 😉 ) Sun tells him that she can go to the bank to get it, and Keamy says he’ll let her, but he’s keeping Jin with him. They ask him to not tell her father about them, and he says he doesn’t care about that, so their secret is safe with him.

Back to the beach camp. Is anyone else getting tired of all this moving around to fifty thousand  different places? No? Just me? Okay. Well, Jack is taking care of the big ol’ cut on Sun’s forehead, and Ilana keeps looking at Ben suspiciously. Ben gets annoyed and shouts out “For the last time, she was unconscious when I found her! Why won’t you believe me?” To which Ilana replies, “Because you’re still talking.” Don’t worry Ben, I believe you. But there’s another problem, Sun can’t speak English now. To quote Miles, “She bumps her head and forgets English?” Apparently it’s aphasia, which affects the language center of the brain. She understands English, but can’t speak it anymore. Dang. And hey, look, Richard and Hurley are back! Yay!

And over to they Hydra Island. FLocke has arrived, and he wants to talk to Widmore. Through the fence thing, of course, because he can’t go through it. They ask each other if one knows who the other is, and it looks like they do know each other. Of course, most of what Widmore knows is myths and ghost stories, apparently. And then FLocke says that he thinks the war that was coming has arrived on the Island.

And over to Camp Losties on the Beach. Richard has decided to take charge, and he wants to get over to the Hydra Island to blow up the plane. But Sun really doesn’t want to do that, because she wants to get off that Island. So she shouts at Richard and gives him a whole big speech, then storms off, and I’m left wondering, I know that all the other people didn’t understand what she was yelling about, but it looked kind of like Richard did. This man has been on the Island for 140 years. He’s had a lot of time on his hands. Aside from being the go between for Jacob and the Others, do you think this guy could have had time to learn some other languages. I mean, his English is flawless, maybe he knows some Korean, too? Because it looked slightly to me like he understood exactly what Sun was yelling about. And Jacob spoke Korean when he was at Jin and Sun’s wedding, Jin even said he had a pretty good accent. Maybe he taught Richard? Who knows.

And we’re back into the world of alternates. Apparently Sun’s secret bank account has been shut down, and when she asks who, she finds out it was her daddy who did it. Yeah, like Mr. Paik actually didn’t know about your account. Did she momentarily forget who her father is? That man has this scary way about him. He knows things… And Omar slams Jin’s head into the freezer door frame, showing that Keamy and Omar didn’t beat the crap out of Jin when Sayid found him in the freezer, Omar is just a little careless. Keamy tends to Jin’s wound, and sends Omar out to get Sayid. He then tells Jin that Mr. Paik knows that he and Sun are together, and he’s not most pleased about it, and the $25,000 was the payment for Keamy to kill Jin. Seriously guys, Mr. Paik knows everything. Pulling the wool over his eyes cannot be done. I don’t know why y’all thought you could do that… Keamy gives a little speech about how he’s sorry, but there are just some who aren’t meant to be together. Something about “the heart wants what the heart wants”, but I don’t remember what because that line always pisses me off these days. And then he shuts Jin in the freezer, so he can tend to his next piece of business. Making some eggs. Oh, and talking with Sayid.

Back to Hydra Island. Zoe is sent to retrieve “the package”. And Widmore then shows Jin the digital camera that was found in Sun’s luggage. Sweet pictures of his baby girl Ji-Yeon with Sun, and with Bpo Bpo, the dog Jin gave Sun all those years ago. Awww, that’s one cutie-pie baby he has. He looks so happy to see her. And then Widmore tells him that if they don’t stop FLocke from getting off the Island, Ji-Yeon will “cease to exist”. Not die, just cease to exist. Interesting…

Back to the alternate world, and Jin is in the freezer, where he’s heard gunshots. He bangs on the freezer, and Sayid busts the door down, and sees him, when he doesn’t understand Jin, he turns to leave, but Jin gets him to come back and get him the knife that was on a shelf nearby, so he can cut himself free. Sayid runs out, and Mikhail and Sun come into the room a few minutes later, to find everyone shot. Mikhail runs to Keamy (so would I, but I think Patchy and I have different reasons…) to see if he’s okay, and find out who did this. Keamy is still alive (YAY! There’s still a chance! I knew you couldn’t keep that man down. He’s Martin Christopher Keamy.) and Keamy croaks out “behind you, idiot.” Mikhail turns around in time to see Jin pointing a gun at him. Jin tells Sun to run, and then fires two shots when Mikhail tries to steal the gun. Mikhail gets shot in the eye, and becomes Patchy, the man with one eye, and then Jin hears Sun crying. Crap. She’s been shot in the stomach. Oh, and that important news she wanted to tell Jin earlier? I think it just came out. She’s pregnant. And shot. Crap, crap, crap.

Which is basically the look on Jin’s face, too. Crap, crap, crap. So Juliet will be coming to save Sun’s baby, along with Ethan Goodspeed (alias Ethan Rom), and maybe Jack will be the one to take care of the bullet in Sun, and we’ll find out that Juliet is Jack’s ex-wife and the mother of David. Because I don’t think it’s Sarah. David’s eyes and age throws that one off, I think. Anyhow, Jin rushes her out, and hopefully to a hospital.

Beach Camp. Sun is sitting on the beach at night, and Jack comes up to her, with a pad and pen. He’s thought that maybe she can still write in English. They have a talk, with Sun writing out what she wants to say. Jack promises he’ll get her off the Island, hopefully with Jin. Things seem to be at peace for the moment there.

Over to Camp FLocke. Sawyer and Kate talk for a few minutes, and then FLocke tells them he sent them Sayid over to Hydra, because he doesn’t like secrets. Um, you do know which Island you’re on here, right FLocke. There are a million secrets.

And over to the Hydra Island. Sayid pops his head up from the water just as Widmore’s people are bringing up what was in the locked room on the sub, the package. It’s DESMOND!

Sayid looks at Desmond, Desmond looks at Sayid, Widmore’s people help Desmond up, and then…


I liked this episode. Hello, it had Keamy in it. But beyond that I liked it, there was just something about it that was really good to me. And Keamy always makes me happy.


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