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Last Week’s LOST – Recon

So last week we got to see Sawyer in his alternate reality world. Wasn’t the most wonderful episode ever, but it was pretty cool to see. Although I still wish I could see Sawyer as a daddy to little Clementine… and apparently Sawyer has dropped the Sawyer in his name in the sideways line. He’s just James Ford. Okay, Detective James Ford. I liked seeing him as a cop, on the other side of the law. That was pretty good. And the first scene, where he was “pulling a con” on Ava, who wasn’t sitting there going “hey, I’ve seen this somewhere before!” Of course it turned out he was trying to catch her husband, and there were police everywhere to get her. With good ol’ Miles there too.  And Miles’ father is apparently alive and well in alternate realityville, working at a museum in LA. In the museum with Miss Charlotte. Who is set up on a date with James. And then they go home and are all over each other for a while, but she goes and screws it all up by looking in his drawers for a “t-shirt”, and ending up snooping around finding a binder labeled “SAWYER” and filled with photos and clippings about the nine-year-old boy losing his father and mother in a murder-suicide prompted by the loss of all their money to the con man named Sawyer. And who could really blame James for being a mite pissed off when he found her snooping around, it’s such a heavy secret for him, and here she is, doesn’t really even know him and is looking at his stuff. I know she said that the picture just fell out, but she could have just quickly put it back in and gone about her business, and not saw his past. I’d probably have a similar reaction to James’ reaction. And then Miles gets pissed at James because he lied to him about going to Australia. After Miles tells him they’re no longer partners, we see James look into a mirror, then he breaks it by punching it. This has seemed to be a theme throughout the season. Every time we see a character in their sideways timeline, we see them look in the mirror at themselves. Jack on the plane in the bathroom, Kate in the chop shop bathroom when she was going to change clothes, Locke in his bathroom at home when he was going to call Dr. Shephard and then hung up, Sayid looked in a reflection of himself in the window of Nadia and Omer’s house, although we’re not sure he saw himself in that reflection, Ben looked at himself in the microwave’s reflection and now Sawyer in the mirror at the station. Why do we see them looking at themselves? Why were Ben and Sayid the only ones to not see themselves in an actual mirror? I’ve found that interesting. Okay, off the sidenote now. Oh, we also briefly see Liam Pace, Charlie’s older brother, the one who got him hooked on drugs and then got himself clean and abandoned Charlie to live in Australia. Not that I’m taking Charlie’s side, mind you. Monkeys will fly out of my butt before that happens. Liam is there to help his baby brother out, after he was arrested on drug charges on the plane from Sydney to LA. He tries to get James’ help (by the way, everytime I start typing James, it starts out Sawyer, even though he’s not named that in alternateville.), but James says it’s not his problem and keeps walking. Just a good character tie-in. A while later, James is trying to apologize to Charlotte by a sunflower and a six-pack. Well if that ain’t romance, I don’t know what is… but she’s not biting and slams the door in his face after telling him he kicked her out and doesn’t get a second chance. At least he leaves the flower on her doorstep as an apology. He then makes his amends with Miles, showing him the folder and explaining everything, down to when he finds this man, he’ll kill him, and that was why he couldn’t tell Miles, he would try to stop him. And then they get their car slammed into during a chase; James chases the fugitive down, and look who it is, Ms. Austen, who he had helped to escape from airport security probably days before… interesting.

Meanwhile, back on the Island, we see Sawyer (yes! I can call him Sawyer again!) at Claire’s hodge-podge of a camp, heating a kettle. And burning himself a little. He and Jin are talking, Jin trying to convince Sawyer that they need to get the hell outta Dodge, I mean, Camp Scary Claire. Sawyer says he knows about Locke, but doesn’t care, while Jin says he will not leave the Island without Sun and Sawyer promises that if she’s there, she’ll be with Jin. Then FLocke and his followers come back, he explains the fate of the doomed Temple Others, and comforts Zach and Emma, and we see Claire grab and hold Kate’s hand during that part. Hmmmmmm, interesting. Claire’s packing a few things from her hodge-podge tent, and looks at the weird-ass animal skin/carcass/skeleton “baby” she has in the crib. Kate asks about it, and Claire answers, “it’s all I had”. She really did miss Aaron. They all leave Camp Scary Claire, and are walking through the jungle, and when they stop, FLocke tells them they’ll make camp at this spot for a few days. Sawyer interrupts (how rude!), which kind of ticks FLocke off, although he seems to control his temper this time. Tells Sawyer he wish he didn’t interrupt him, to which Sawyer gets all sarcastic on him for, and then he shows him what he needs Sawyer to do, go over to the Hydra Island and check for signs of intelligent life anywhere, taking the outrigger boat thing to do so. So he gets over there, and comes upon the cages he and Kate, and even Jack a little later on (although I don’t think Sawyer knows about that), and he finds the dress that Kate wore for a while while there. Although is it just me, or does that dress look like it got washed in a nice machine between Kate getting new clothes and Sawyer finding it? So then he moves on, and finds another new chick (!) Zoe, who claims she’s survived Ajira 316 and she’s the only one left. Whether Sawyer believes her at this point, I dunno. She claims to have been gathering firewood and heard a noise and seen them all dead, so she dragged the dead bodies to shadier area. He tells her to come back to the main Island with him, and while they’re talking she mentions his gun, and that seems to trigger it, he knows she’s a fake and demands to be taken to their leader, who happens to be the one and only CHARLES WIDMORE!!! And hey, what’s locked in that room on his sub? Anyhow, Sawyer and Widmore strike a deal that Sawyer will deliver FLocke to him, and Sawyer and those with him (probably meaning Kate) will get off the Island, finally. They shake, deal’s done.

Meanwhile, back on the Island, Kate is sitting, trying to talk to Sayid, when all the sudden, Scary Claire comes out of nowhere with a knife to Kate’s throat. Aside from everyone shouting “FINALLY!” because, come on, we all knew Claire was going to go after Kate eventually for Aaron, there’s a little surprise at the fact that Sayid just sits there watching it all happen, because he is no longer Sayid, but is in fact, Scary Sayid… *insert ominous music here*, and FLocke knocks Claire off, and then slaps her real hard. Ouch! Kate yells that she’s not okay, a friend just tried to kill her and another friend just sat back and watched the show. FLocke explains it to Claire how Kate couldn’t find her and Aaron needed care, so she took him and took care of him, and then he finds Kate crying and explains to her not really why Claire did what she did, but as to why he is the way he is. Because his mama was mental. And now Aaron has a mental mama too, so basically unless somehow things change, our cutie-pie sweet little Aaron is totally screwed. Oh, and that Sawyer is on Hydra Island. Then Claire finds Kate in the jungle and tearfully apologizes for what she did and thanks her for caring for her bayyyyybeee. Anyone else think that when she was hugging Kate, she was going to grab the gun off Kate’s back and shoot her in the back? Or am I the only one? Sawyer has returned to the Island, and tells FLocke about Widmore and the deal he struck, so now FLocke can totally take them down, even with the little sonar fence thing. Then he finds Kate by a fire and tells her about it, and about them getting off the Island, not by the plane but by the sub, saying “We ain’t takin’ the plane, Freckles. We’re takin’ the sub.” after she asks about who would fly the plane. And then… LOST

So, I’m curious about a few things. Who’s in the locked room? What was the fence for? The whole mirror in alternate realityville thing. But it was a pretty good episode. Hopefully a build-up for tomorrow nights episode, which is going to be about the Island’s own Ageless Wonder RICHARD ALPERT!!! OMG, WE MIGHT FIND SOMETHING OUT ABOUT HIM! Yeah, I’m excited for this episode. Hopefully we’ll get something good.

Until next time…

Oh yeah, new post on other site: http://ellemck1.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/flash-forward-and-a-lost-link/


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