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The Three Times I Cried

During LOST, that is. But first, here are the links to all of the LOST posts on my other site. For now I think I’ll do LOST posts here and all others at the other one, but I still might change my mind.

From the most recent post:








Okay. Now that all those links are up, on to the other part of the post.

The three times I cried during LOST in order of appearance:

1. When Boone died.

He was beautiful, especially his eyes… I could have swooned for those eyes. And then he died so tragically. I actually screamed “NOOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOONE!” at first, and then cried. Because I’m a loser… but still, it stunk to see him die. Was really glad to see him again this season.

2. When Keamy died.

He was hot. He was bad. All of my weaknesses were combined into him. And then Ben stabbed him in the throat. And he died. I swore. And then I cried. Because I’m a loser that way.

3. When Desmond and Penny FINALLY got reunited.

I was already a blubbering mess from Keamy’s demise. And everyone had waited for their reuniting. And when I heard the two guys on the boat shout for “Ms. Widmore!” I nearly freaked. And then they saw each other. And then they ran to each other. And then they were in each others arms, and damn, I was crying all over again. At least it was happy this time.

Now I’m just waiting for Sun and Jin to get back to each other. I’m pretty sure if the writers take that one and make it really good, I’ll cry all over again. And I have faith that they can make it that good. And I’ll cry. And it’ll be happy tears.

Here’s hoping for the Sun and Jin reunion soon!

Happy Day Before LOST Night!

All images from www.lostpedia.com. Boone image from Season 1 Episode “Do No Harm”, Keamy and Desmond and Penny images from Season 4 Episode “There’s No Place Like Home.”


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