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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love You, Tomorrow! Because It’s LOST DAY!

Yup, even I get to watch it tomorrow. Because I’m on spring break (Yup, and there’s snow on the ground), and I’m at home, where I get to watch it on a tv! Can’t wait!!!! I hope it’s a good one, since I get to see it on the night it airs. We’ll have to see.

Hopefully we’ll find out where the crap Sayid and Sun are. I will be majorly pissed if one or both of them bit the dust. And what happened to Aaron? There are so many ideas. Richard gave him the test and took him? Did someone just come and take him? Was it Ben? Did Kate leave him with Cassidy? Hopefully we’ll find out.

Okay, gotta go back to taking care of my sick sister. Later.


About lovesteamykeamy

The shortened version of me. I'm studying Wedding and Event Coordination through U.S. Career Institute. Yay! I get to go to school in my pj's! I'm a Steelers fan, never miss a game, every Sunday, Monday night, Thursday night, or Saturday night. And any playoff game there is, whether or not the Steelers are in it. And of course the Superbowl and maybe the Pro Bowl. At the end of football season, my favorite show comes on, LOST. I never miss an episode, even if it means waiting until it's available online. And I love other tv shows, too. Just not with the same passion I have for LOST. House is great, so is Bones. And I actually like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Two and a Half Men. And I watch Chuck whenever I can. It's a cool show. I read and cook when I'm not watching tv or going to school. And I have this reputation of always wearing high heels (I'm short, what do you expect) and always being on the phone or texting (a lot of my old friends are in school in different places than me, so I keep in touch that way). And that's the nutshell version.


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