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Season Thoughts So Far

Okay, so I am absolutely LOVING this season of LOST. The flashes were slightly annoying, but other than that… I love. Too bad I was wrong about Mrs. Hawking not being Faraday’s mom. I thought that was too easy and the writers wouldn’t give something that easy. But, all in all, I love it. And … Continue reading

My LOST Thoughts

Okay, so for me to pass the time until I get to watch the new LOST, I’m just gonna write out some of my thoughts and theories from the new season. And by the way, I KNEW Jin was alive!!!! So from the first episode, where Daniel told Desmond to find his mother, at first, … Continue reading

New LOST Tonight!

So while I can’t watch it, between no tv and working, hope everyone enjoys the new LOST! I’ll try to remember stuff about it and post on Friday, we’ll see. I’ve had a lot happen this week, my brain may be fried…


So this week was good. Steelers won!!!!! Yeah, edge of my seat all through the game, and especially at the end. And last weeks LOST was pretty good. I have a feeling that it’s Mrs. Hawking on the island, by that perfect accent of hers, sounds just like how she talked to Desmond. And the reveal of … Continue reading