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Because You Left/The Lie

So my dear sweet friend wouldn’t let me do the pause thing all the time, so I don’t have a nearly good recap, but I have a good amount to say on this double episode. First, I basically loved it! But, then again, I love almost all episodes of LOST, save for the ones that prominently featured Charlie and “Expose” (don’t even get me started on the stupidity of Nikki and Paulo!!!). Lets see what I can think of right now. This episode is still being absorbed, but I have a few things.

~When Chang/Halliwax/Candle showed up without the face, I kinda knew it was him, just on a hunch. Now here’s my thing with the baby. Everyone automatically assumes with the idea that it’s Miles. Something tells me that it just isn’t that easy. And for my crazy theory, not only do I not think it’s Miles, I kinda want to think it’s Jin. I mean, we don’t know who his true father is, and, well, you never know. I could be right, I could be wrong. Or the baby could just not be anyone we know, just the writers fooling with our heads.

~When they went to the Orchid station, I immdiately had this hope that it was because they had found a seriously pissed off, live Keamy in there and needed to show Chang. Sadly, yet again, my hopes were dashed. And we saw the donkey wheel in the x-ray picture thing. Any chance this wasn’t the first time the island has been moved? I think so…

~And here goes a “whaaa?” Faraday shows up to the Orchid station. That was kinda cool, threw me for a quick loop.

~I loved how the construction guy for Dharma was making fun of time travel while talking with Faraday. That gave me a good giggle.

~So now Ben and Jack want to steal the body, yeah, Lockes’ body… nope, that isn’t creepy at all to have a dead dude in the back of your truck.

~I was so happy at Jack shaving off that beard!!! He’s pretty hot without it, and pretty hot with his scruffy look on the island. But the beard? No, just looks bad. Note to Matthew Fox, please never grow a weird beard like that. Thank you. 🙂

~Okay, so that part where Ben and Jack were talking about Locke, he didn’t tell Jack all the things that had happened, he just said that “bad things had happened” if I’m remembering right.

~So when Sawyer finally showed up, did anyone else notice what I did? That man still has his hotness, but did anyone besides me see that he was missing something? No, not his shirt, more like his six pack. It seemed to be gone. Maybe he just misplaced it…

~And the explination from Faraday, that didn’t exactly make a pretty picture, the friggin’ island is skipping through time!!! And he wanted to go to something manmade, ie the hatch… Originally it was there, but then they shifted in time, again, and it was gone, with the giant hole left behind.

~I am telling you, Miles gets some awesome one-liners! I mean “Well, seeing as it took Widmore twenty years to find it, I’ll start holding my breath now” or whatever it was, that was pretty funny. I’m starting to like this guy.

~So I think Kate has moved into a different house, because the kitchen is different, nice, but not the same as in her house last season. And I thought when she said “watch your trains, Goober” was kinda cute, seems like she’s settled into mommyhood really well.

~When that plane crashed, I knew it was the plane of Boones death. And when Locke was climbing up to it, the first thought in my mind was “so if he climbs up there, and keeps the plane from falling or something, does that mean Boone won’t die?” I had hopes. But then Ethan shot him. Dang.

~When Sun got detained, I was slightly worried for a second. But I think she is somewhat in the with Widmore now. That’s just the feeling I get from how they left the scene. But what’s gonna happen to her baby? Is she gonna get to bring Ji-Yeon back to the island? And that meeting with Kate, great acting. I especially loved her “so, how is Jack?” line. The way she said it, you could tell her disdain for him.

~So Hurley and Sayid go to get chicken and then go to the safehouse, where there are two guys waiting for them, Ben workers, maybe? One gets thrown over the balcony, Hurley pics up a gun, and someone takes a picture with a cellphone camera. Because you can get that good a picture that fast with those things… All the while, Sayid is doing his fighting thing, throws the guy onto the knives sticking up in the dishwasher, and getting darts shot at him, that knock him out cold. Hurley drives, and gets pulled over by Ana Lucia, oh I was MAD when she showed up. But her “Just don’t get arrested” line was pretty good. He gets his new shirt and shows up at home. While his father is watching Expose, ugh. Like father like son, I guess.

There were some other pretty good things I caught, but I’ll get into them later. Right now, I have a bibliography for my term paper on St. Augustine to do.


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