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Because You Left/The Lie

So my dear sweet friend wouldn’t let me do the pause thing all the time, so I don’t have a nearly good recap, but I have a good amount to say on this double episode. First, I basically loved it! But, then again, I love almost all episodes of LOST, save for the ones that … Continue reading

I’m watching it TONIGHT!

Due to unfortunate circumstances (my stupid dorm has rules against tv’s in dorm rooms and my lovely boss scheduling me to work last night) I was not able to watch the new episode last night. However, it’s up on abc.com, and a buddy and I are watching it tonight. I won’t be able to do … Continue reading

Yes, Yes, I do Know

Sorry. School just took off and hasn’t let go since about October. Plus I got nasty sick in November, had family time in December, but hey. Lost is on in 8 DAYS!!!! At least there is that to look forward to. 🙂