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LOST, Season 1 Recaps

House of the Rising Sun- The Rewatch

Okay, finally got my season One back, yay! I’m in a somewhat bad mood today, had a crapdate last night. So if the recap sounds crabby, ya’ll know why.

Let’s go-

00:02~ “That’s me, hardcore”- Jack. Pffffft.

     00:02.2~ “If you guys are done verbally copulating…”- Charlie. One of his few good lines.

00:03~ So Sun & Jin were a secret couple at first. And Jin wanted to make Mr. Paik  “understand”. Awwwwww.

00:04~ He gave her a flower. So sweet.

00:05~ Okay, I might not like Michael from Season 2 on, but Jin! You don’t have to attempt to kill him in front of Walt!

00:06~ Ahhhh. Thank God for Sawyer and Sayid.

00:08~Charlies standing on a beehive, because apparently, he can’t even do drugs without screwing something up.

00:09~ “Be quiet.”-Locke to Charlie. One of the wisest things Locke has ever said. And we all know Locke has said some wise things.

00:10~ “Your father gave permission.”- Jin. Sun looked beyond thrilled when he told her that. Of course, then he told her he was working for his father…

00:12~ Charlie’s a moron, slapping the bees and splitting their hive. And, um, why do Jack and Kate need to take their shirts off to fight the bees?

00:15~ “Our very own Adam and Eve.”-Locke. I wonder if they’re gonna give us a little background on them this season, or next season…

00:16~ A puppy! Jin’s so sweet…

     00:16.2~ “Remember when all you had to give me was a flower?”- Sun. Ouch, that had to sting for both of them.

00:20~ Maybe if Jin had answered all of Sun’s questions, or at least looked at her, he wouldn’t have gotten slapped.

00:22~ That was a little bit on the lame side, Jack. Way to go.

00:23~ Locke is completely on to you, Charlie. But did he have to talk Drive Shaft with him? Jeez.

00:25~ Looks like “Live together, die alone” only is gonna go so far.

00:26~ Michael does have good priorities, taking care of his son and all.

00:27~ So are Hurley and Sawyer trying to push Jack and Kate together?

00:30~ Oh my God! Sun’s gonna run! The airport, 11:15!

00:31~ “You speak English?”-Michael. Such a complete shock to him, he had to ask twice.

00:33~ “I know a lot more about pain than you think.”-Locke. Hmmmmmm… foreshadow much?

00:34~ Oh, yay. Now Charlie can annoy all the Losties and those of us at home watching with his singing AND playing.

00:35~ “You had your chance to know.”-Kate. Yes, but we still want to know!

00:36~ I have to say, I love Michaels rant, it’s pretty dang funny.

00:38~ Awwww. Jin gave Sun another flower. And she stayed, and he has someone to talk to and teach him English on the Island now.

00:39~ “Short walk, they lied.”-Hurley. Great line!

00:42~ Nice montage, although a lot of the people, especially the beach people, look kinda sad.

Well, there’s that one. I liked the episode, save for the fact that Boone doesn’t appear once in this episode. It’s good. Mwah, lata!


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