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LOST, Season 1 Recaps

Walkabout- The Rewatch

I’m beyond excited about this one. Walkabout has got to be one of my top episodes.  Yes, it’s taken a while to get it up, but I’ve basically been runninig around like a chicken with its head cut off for the past two weeks (homage to kat from thelostdiary, used that phrase after the finale)! Okay, time for Walkabout, one of the top five episodes of Lost! Oh, by the way, a shot game could be used on this episode, one for each time Locke says “don’t tell me what I can’t do”, or some variation thereof.

00:00~ It’s the middle of the night, Vincent is barking, and the look on Locke’s face says exactly what all the survivors must be thinking about now, “Shut that damn dog up!”

00:01~ “Right behind you, Jackass.” -Sawyer. I kinda gotta say, you probably shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions, Jack.

00:02~ Please let the boar gore Charlie. Please let the boar gore Charlie.

00:03~ It only hit Charlie, and not nearly hard enough.

00:04~ I gotta say, Kate’s response was dumb, Jack is doing the right thing. Jack is awesome.

00:06~ Hey, did you know that Michael is up for Father-of-the-Year 2004? Oh, and, BOONE!!!!!!

00:09~ The look on Michael’s face when Locke opens his knife case is a classic. “Oh, my God, I let my son hang out with a crazy man. Sweet Lord.” Classic.

00:11~ “I’m a vegetarian.” -Kate. Says the woman who devoured bacon and eggs in Tabula Rasa.

00:12~ I’m sorry, but Michael trying to talk to Sun is huh-frikkin-larious.

00:14~ Boone can come talk to me anytime he wants. I love Boone, and his enrapturing eyes. And the whole fish thing is quite funny.

00:15~ Quite funny minus Charlie, of course.

00:19~ That’s what you get for trying to get smart with Locke, Michael.

00:20~ Okay, a) it is not pronounced Aulstralia! It’s Australia, Randy! b) I’d love to see Randy try to do a walkabout, ha! and c) like Randy has a girlfriend.

00:21~ Wait for it… “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” -Locke. That’s one, shot!

00:22~ Number two’s coming, I can feel it (lines shot up) “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” -Locke. I love it when I’m right, shot!

00:25~ Yeah, Jack is someone who never lets go that easy, Rose.

00:26~ Oh, God, this scene hurts me.

00:28~ Every time I watch John in such a broken state, I can’t help but feel a little pain.

00:30~ I have yet to cease wondering what it was that Locke saw in Smokie. Maybe this season, we’ll find out? *lSK clears throat towards writers.*

00:31~ I’ll cook for Sawyer any time!

00:33~ Rose was quite right about her beliefs on her husband, and I love that everytime.

00:36~ And you thought Locke was dead, ha!

00:38~ I’ve always loved the funeral scene. There was just something about it. And there was Boone.

00:39~ Here comes the big one, get ready (lines up a few shots)! Wait for it…

00:40~ DON’T EVER TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO, EVER! This is destiny. This is destiny! This is my destiny! I’M SUPPOSED TO DO THIS DAMMIT! DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO! DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T…” -Locke. (multiple shots there). By the way, I love the music in the background at this part. Props to Michael Giaccino.

00:41~ And now we know why Locke looked at his feet that way at the beginning, for the most part. At this point, we still didn’t know why he was in the wheelchair… yet.

And that concludes one of the five best episodes of Lost. Just the mystery of Lost, and the story of Locke, all that he’s been through off the island. You can’t help but root for him after this episode. I’ve sat friends down and had them watch this episode when they ask me what’s so good about Lost. Then they watch the whole series…

Grading it would definitely bring an A. There is no other way to ever grade it.’

Okay, Imma try to watch White Rabbit soon and get that one up, yet another one of my top five.

Till later,


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