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LOST, Season 1 Recaps

Tabula Rasa- The Rewatch

Okay, here’s this episode. We get to see Kate. Kate has a way of annoying me, sometimes. But at other times, she’s pretty good. But there are some really good lines in here.

Alright, let’s get this show on the road!

00:01~ “Don’t trust her, she’s dangerous. You have to find her. Have to bring her back.”- Marshal Edward Mars. And then Jack finds Kates mugshot in his jacket pocket. I remember when it was a big mystery of what Kate did. She looks scary cold in that mugshot photo. Look at her eyes.

00:02~ “Put your gun back in your pants, Sawyer.”- Kate. That has to be one of the best line’s EVER! Sawyer is quite hot.

00:04~ “How long was it, Freckles?”- Sawyer. I think that’s the first of countless times Sawyer has called Kate “Freckles”. And she had freckles then. I’ll let Sawyer call me “Freckles” if it includes Sweaty Island Cage Love.

00:05~ Mars looks like grim death. Uh-oh, Hurley just found the mugshot. I love Hurley’s reactions, they’re priceless. A look of terror, followed by “dude” is too good.

00:06~ Boone, Boone, Boone. LSK sighs and shakes head.

00:07~ Okay, while there’s all this specualtion on whether or not Kate is Ben’s Annie, I’m gonna throw my thoughts in. Kate’s middle name is Anne! As in Katherine Anne Austen! She might just be using it because of that. Jeez. Okay, I’m done with that one, for now. Although I’d love it if it turned out that she was.

00:09~ While Sayid is giving his “We can do it!” speech, they’re showing shots of the survivors reactions, and they show us Locke. You can see it right here, his expression shows that he definitly doesn’t want to leave the Island. Oh, and by the way, Sayid is AWESOME!!!!

00:12~ “But the bodies are in there. And they’re all…. dead.”- Hurley. Well, duh. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

00:14~ “I’m in the wild.”- Sawyer. I loved the days where all he cared about was himself, and was an ass to everyone else. Those were the good Sawyer days. Then he confronted his demons, and decided to enter himself in the running for Citizen of the Year. Season One Sawyer would not have jumped out of the helicopter to save anyone. And I swear, if Sawyer and Juliette hook up in Season Five… Ick. Ick. Ick. That’s almost worse than the suggestion that Keamy and Juliette were a thing.

00:15~ Still hate Charlie.

     00:15.2~ Jin’s sweet, in his own controlling, struggling way.

00:16~ “Who needs men, huh? Bloody useless.”- Charlie. We all know you are. I hate Charlie.

00:17~ I love how Hurley freaks out when he and Kate introduce themselves to each other.

00:18~ Ray’s talking to Kate, and there are so many double meanings in what he’s saying. It’s hilarious.

00:19~ Seriously, Mars? You’re dying, and you’re gonna use what little strength you have left to try and strangle Kate? Jeez.

00:20~ After hearing Jack’s description, you can basically tell what he means. Mars is done for by the end of the episode.

00:21~ Jack’s yelling at Kate, and I almost want to smack him. Almost.

00:23~ Mr. Locke is on the level. And Walt is a little brat. I’d have to smack him.

00:24~ I love how the second Michael said he’d get the dog back when it stopped raining, it stopped raining.

00:25~ The scene where Michael bust’s in on Sun bathing has to be one of the most hilarious scenes. His embarrassed reaction NEVER gets old.

00:26~ Hey, did you know Charlie was in a band? He never mentions that at random moments. And Mars sounds like grim death now. I’m agreeing with Shannon, and I never agree with her.

00:29~ That marshal is hellbent on getting Kate locked up. He uses all his strength for it. Can you say “Married to the job?”

00:31~ It can’t be easy to drag a guy uphill when his prosthetic arm pops out, but Kate’s good for doing that.

00:33~ I hate watching the crash all over again.

00:35~ So, Kate couldn’t kill him, and Sawyer couldn’t aim right to kill him, so it leaves it up to Jack.

00:36~ RIP Mars. Jack is gonna have nightmares if he sleeps at all from having to kill him.

00:37~ Locke is awesome. He found the dog and then let Michael take the credit for it to have a better relationship with Walt. Locke rules.

00:38~ It doesn’t really look like Jack slept well last night. And “you might not want to know what Kate did, but I do!!” was the first thing that came to my mind the first time I watched this part.

00:40~ I love this song. And I love seeing Jin and how much he really does love Sun, he just has trouble showing it.

00:41~ BOONE! I guess the montage this time is showing people restarting their lives on the Island. Charlie’s made the tape on his fingers say “LATE”, Claire’s happy about her baby. And have I mentioned how much I love Boone? I love Boone.

00:42~ This shot of Locke, the one where they circle around him to see his expression, is one of the coolest shots ever done. And I love how they redid it in Season Three. Locke’s awesome.

So that was Tabula Rasa. I’m now super excited, because the next episode is “Walkabout”. Which, in my mind, is in the top four episodes of Lost (Walkabout, White Rabbit, The Constant, and Cabin Fever). This episode was good, but only good. So if I were grading it, I’d probably give it a C+. But it wasn’t horrible.

Till next week…


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