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LOST, Season 1 Recaps

Pilot, Part 2- The Rewatch

I’m pretty excited. I just pre-ordered Season 4 on DVD. Yes, I know a little early and all, but hey, it’s only one of the best seasons of the best shows. Okay, let’s go. Pilot, Part 2.

00:00~ “Pardon me for appearing desperate.” – Charlie. No, no Charlie, just annoying. It’s funny. I was watching Lord of the Rings today, and Dominic Monighan didn’t annoy me as Merry, just as Charlie.


00:02~ Your shoe, Charlie? Seriously? Dang, you’re a crappy druggie.


00:03~ If I root really hard, will that thing hit Charlie this time?


00:04~ Seeing the two times Charlie almost died but didn’t in one scene makes me all the more eager for the Season Three finale.


00:05~ Boone can be a gift to me any time. I loved him. He was hot.


00:06~ Something about the way Sun interacts with the other survivors tells me that the writers always knew she was going to speak English. And, OH MY GOD! Walt looked so young in the Pilot!


00:08~ I think it was my favorite Lost guy, Daniel, who once described the fight between Sawyer and Sayid as the equivalent of porn on Lost, and I kinda have to agree.


00:09~ Kate taking control is almost comical to me now (I just finished rewatching Season Three). BOONE!


00:14~ That’s a lot of ifs, Jack. Hope you’re an optimist for that.


00:18~ Okay, most of the time, I will side with Boone for everything, but here is one of the few times I don’t. We’re led to believe that he and Shannon are siblings, and here’s Shannon, finally crying after the crash, instead of giving herself a pedicure or screaming or scowling, and Boone tells her she’s pathetic. Um, Boone, honey, could you possibly be a little more sympathetic than you are right now? Oh, and Boones eyes are beautiful. I love the way they smolder.


00:20~ Sawyer’s look has definitely changed since the crash. His hair is longer, for example. Message to Josh Holloway, your hair looks great the way it was in Season Four of Lost.


00:21~ It’s amazing that Stoned Charlie didn’t fall off the cliff on that hike.


00:23~ “You’re having a bad month.”- Locke to Walt. That has got to be one of my favorite “Locke-isms” ever. I use it whenever I get the chance.


00:24~ And here’s the comparison of light and dark. That comes into play all the time, and I think it’s going to be one of the biggest parts of the series finale (which I dread). Maybe Abbadon vs. Locke?


00:25~ So right now we’re being led to believe that Claire has always wanted the baby, with her “he kicked!” thing. Of course, I’m sure if I was eight months pregnant, and I had been in a plane crash, and I felt my baby kicking me, I’d be all ecstatic rabbit about it, too.


00:27~ Sawyer is totally awesome. He just killed one of the friendly island polar bears. I remember the first time I saw this episode, before some of the polar bear episodes had been answered, all I was thinking at this moment was, “What the hell?


00:28~ “Yo! There’s a rescue plane! We’re saved, yay!”- Hurley. Even though what Hurley said at this point still wasn’t true, I thought the delivery was great. Jorge Garcia is cut out for this role.


00:29~ As the shrapnel goes out, OW!


00:34~ Dear, sweet, holy Lord! That’s basically my reaction every time I see the plane crash, I basically freak out.


00:35~ “Hey! We’ve got a bar!”-Sayid. While I might not be searching to get us rescued, trust me, I say the exact same thing when I’m looking for signal.


00:38~ “Please, help me. Please come get me. I’m alone now, on the island alone. Please, someone come. The others, they’re dead. It killed them, it killed them all.”- Shannon translating what the French Chick said. Not a big glimmer of hope, huh?


00:39~ “Guys, where are we?”- Charlie. I think that that’s one of the official taglines.


Okay, that’s it for this entry. Talk to ya’ll later. I got stuff to do!


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