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LOST, Season 1 Recaps

Pilot, Part 1- the Rewatch

Alright, so here’s my first recap. I figured since it’s the off-season, I’d start at the beginning of the show, lay the groundwork for when we get to Season 5. In winter! It seems far off now, but it will be here before you know it. And in the meantime, I have football that I can watch. Even though the Steelers lost last night. Dang.

Remember, I’m still just a journalism student, so I’m still learning about writing, so it won’t be perfect. But it’s a start.

Okay, so here we go.

00:00~ It’s weird to see the LOST credits fly in right away. And something tells me that the guy in the bamboo is going to be important throughout the series. Just a hunch

00:02~ See, this is why people followed Jack from the beginning, he comes running out of the jungle and starts to help everyone else out after surveying the damage. He might not have wanted to be the leader, but he took to it right away.

00:03~ And Charlie’s walking right by the turbine, yet he doesn’t get sucked in? Gah! And there’s Michael. The first thing he says has never stopped being annoying, or used by me when I see him or Walt on screen: “WAAAAAAALT!!!” So annoying, so quick.

00:04~ Oh, sh*t that looks painful. Dudes got a bloody leg. Ouch.

00:05~ That explosion was really good.

00:06~ BOONE! I loved Boone. I was so sad when he died. It really hurt me.

00:07~ Another great explosion from the wing crashing down. Glad Jack moved Hurley and Claire when he did, or we’d never have Claire and her baaaayby or Hurley and “dude”. And did anyone notice how close the piece of flaming wreckage was to hitting Charlie? Oh how different the show would have been. I think the writers always knew he was going to die.

00:09~ Ow. Jack’s side looks like a bloody mess. No, really, a bloody mess.

00:11~ Ahhh. Sawyer when the only person he cared about was himself. And he was still just as hot as he is now.

00:12~ I always thought that the cut on Locke’s eye was the coolest cut after the crash.

00:14~ After Jack’s fear story and the comparison to angel hair pasta, I will never look at it the same way (the pasta). But it’s a good story.

00:15~”If that had been me, I woulda ran for the door.”-Kate. “No, I don’t think that’s true.”-Jack. No, Jack, I think it’s more true than you know. Right now.

00:17~ Awww, Hurley gave Claire extra food.

00:18~ “Do you know him?”-Jack to Kate about the Marshall. Well, Jack, it’s a long story. See, it all happened when I found out something about my father…

00:20~ So does anyone think they’re on a calm deserted island after the monster’s noises and, um, bending the trees? And Walt, how could that be Vincent? Is your dog that big? I mean, come on.

00:21~ Cindy is Jack’s new best friend!

00:23~ Lord, everytime I see the crash happening, I start to hyperventilate. I’m a horrible flier. Remind
me to not watch this show before I fly anywhere.

00:25~ “You think we should do something about the B-O-D-Y-S?”- Hurley. I see that he’s trying to be considerate of Walt, which is nice, but dude. I loved it when Walt spelled it properly.

00:27~ Charlie always mentions he was in Drive Shaft at the drop of a hat. STOP SINGING CHARLIE!!!

00:28~ “Guys, is this normal?”-Charlie on the sudden downpour. Charlie, you’re on a tropical island, so yeah, it’s normal. Genius.

00:32~ “I’m fine. Charlie’s fine, by the way.”- Charlie. Did anyone ask you?

00:34~ So, the captain basically just told Jack and Kate that our Losties are f’ed. Sadly, that was the only purpose Captain Seth Norris had, so Jack could live. The deleted scene he’s in on the Season 1 dvd makes him look like a good guy, promising Claire a smooth ride.

00:35~ That, Captain Norris, is the sound of death outside.

00:37~ Charlie was so close, AGAIN! And I have to wait until the Season 3 finale to see him go. Sometimes I think the writers must hate me.

00:41~ Dear sweet Lord! RIP Captain Norris.

Okay, so that’s the first part of the pilot. If I were to grade it, I’d give it an A, because it lays so much groundwork for the first four seasons.

I probably won’t get the second part done until after I move into my dorm next Sunday. I’m packing all this week, so it’s a little hectic.

Did anyone wonder why Jack was in the jungle while the rest of the survivors were on the beach. Kind of like Ethan and Goodwin. And Bernard was in the jungle, too, right? Does that have any significance? Or is it just what the writers wanted? God, I love this show.
Happy day, ya’ll! : )


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